Fabulous Friday Fulfilled

Fabulous Friday started out with some errands.
Apple store with mom and buying Dana's birthday present.
Then lunch, blogging, and teaching piano.
After which I went to Disneyland with Emilie, Sean, and Jordan.
We were there for a good 7 hours, and it was so much fun!

Order of Atrractions:
1. Tower of Terror
2. California Screamin'
3. Toy Story Mania
4. Space Mountain
5. Captain EO-Tribute to MJ (p.s. Its HILARIOUS!)
6. Thunder Mountain Railroad
7. Haunted Mansion
8. Pirates of the Caribbean
9. Indian Jones
10. Splash Mountain

{Tower of Terror.
The boys first time on it}
{California Screamin'}
{Toy Story Mania.
Player 1: ME, Player 2: JORDAN
Yeah...I WON!}
{Space Mountain.
Thanks to Emilie we only had to wait (roughly) 10 minutes}
{Thunder Mountain.
Seans excited!}
{Thunder Mountain.
{Thunder Mountain.
There you go Jordan...show a little more excitement.}
{Thunder Mountain}
{Splash Mountain.
Last ride of the night.
The boys said we HAD to do it.
Emilie and I both went for cover.}
After we came back to my house.
We were all starrrrving.
SO I made us all pancakes.
{Seans pancakes}
{Look at how excited he is!}
{Jordans pancakes}

My Fabulous Friday was definitely Fulfilled.


Birthday Girl.

Dana Renee.
Today she is 17.
She is my sister.
She likes to go to Concerts.
{Nick Jonas Concert}
She is beautiful.
{Even in a poncho.}
Sometimes she shops/browses.
{Even at the American Girl Store at the Grove}
She loves TOMS.
{We have matching gray TOMS}
She like to go see movies.
She likes the cheesecake factory.
{Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake}
She likes to eat at Stonefire.

And since its Dana's Birthday...
I thought I would surprise her with a little something special.



Fabulous Friday in my Future.

Tomorrow I am going to visit this fabulous place.
And I am going to see these cute guys.
I am so lucky to be going with this lovely girl.
And Jordan and Sean are joining us.
They are in for a treat.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.
It is going to be a BLAST!


Golden 50.

Today's GOLDEN 50th post.
Since I have been spending a lot of time with EMILIE,
I thought I would blog about our most recent day together.
Last Friday we spend the entire day together
9:00 am 'til 1:00 am.
We started off with a nice good long walk at the beach.
The weather was perfect there.
We then came home and cleaned out my car and played some {Disney} DDR.
After which we showered and got ready for the day.
Later on we went to Central park and had a photo shoot there.
It was so beautiful.
{Pictures below.}
We then went to visit our friend Sean at work.
After which we came home and had some margherita pizza. {YUM!}
While we watched some olypmic curling...confusing sport.
We then went to Yo Yum Yum and went to our friend Jordans to eat it.
Such a fun-filled day with Emilie!

{Make a silly face.
Emilie is the QUEEN of silly faces.}
{"OH! Get a picture of me up on the stage.
I'm a rockstar."}
{"I'm flying!"}
{"Pretend you are at a concert."
"Okay...here it goes."}
{"Watch me NOT fall."}
{Model shot.}
{"I'm a tree!"}
A friend is one who knows you
and loves you just the same.
Elbert Hubbard

E=MC2 all the way!





Behind todays weird and random blog there is a story....

As you can see todays blog is about E.T. {The extra-terrestrial}
Today I was sitting in my American Lit class when some kid sneezed.
The teacher said "Bless you."
The student responded with the normal... "thank you."
This seems like nothing...but the voice this kid had was E.T.'s voice.
The second I heard him say this I cringed.
Ever since I was a little girl I have been afraid of E.T.
He is just so ugly looking and I couldn't stand listening to his voice.
I always thought he was under my bed.
And when I went to sleep at night I thought he was going
to come out from under my bed and attack me.
To this day I don't like to watch E.T.


Wacky Weekend.

This past weekend was so much fun.
I had some fun-filled days.

Today started out getting ready for the day,
and then doing some shopping at FASHION ISLAND.
Emilie came along with me. And helped me decide what I should get.
I got a new out from Martin&Osa (love).
Later, we went to Disneyland to meet up with Heidi and her friends.
Dana, Emilie, and I show up and we were told Emilie's pass doesnt work at Disneyland.
ONLY California Adventures. So we just went there.
We had fun for the little time that we were there.
After I went to Nolans to say my last goodbye to him before he leaves for his mission.
He reports Wednesday, February 17 and will be going to Peoria, Illinois.
After Nolans I went to see a movie with Jordan.
We first missed the 605 freeway. Then thought a movie was playing, but it wasnt.
So we saw Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.
(Longesssst title EVER!)

Today I went to see Valentines Day with Dana & Sara. Good movie.
When I got home from that my Dad wanted to go buy some new work shoes.
We went to Westminster Mall...but nothing.
So then we went to The Red Wing Store...SUCCESS!
Then we went to Sees Candy and the Verizon store. Then FINALLY home.
I went to dinner with my parents and Heidi to Stonefire. (SO DELISH)
Later that night, Emilie, Sean, and Jordan came over.
Emilie and I made them some cookies and we watched
It's a pretty cool documentary to watch. I am definitely not into skateboarding...
BUT it made me just want to learn how.
After watching that we went outside and the boys skateboarded.
Emilie could go in a straight line...and I could barely stand on it.
Jordan tried to teach me...but wasnt happening.
{Here is a little photo I found of skateboarding...
thank goodness I didnt end up like this}

Valentines Day. Love Day. Single Awareness Day.
(Whatever you want to call it.)
After I got home from church we had a tasty tasty dinner.
Homemade pizza. and some Marie Callendars Pie.
After dinner Emilie came over and we went to Claires to play games and have treats.
We then came to my house and did a little Photobooth sesh.
You can see pictures of that on my previous blog.

I was able to see an old friend, Olivia Payne.
Dana and I went to Stonefire with her, then went to Fashion Island,
and topped it off with some Yo Yum Yum.
After that Emilie and I were going to go to the beach.
While we were driving there Jordan called us to see where we were at,
and then him and Travis drove by us. It was crazy.
We went to lunch with them.
Then went to Seans for a little.
Then we all went to a neighborhood Jacuzzi.
We rushed home to change and
get ready to go see Dr. Parnassus.
I don't know if I recommend the movie.
It was super confusing.
After Emilie, Sean, and I went to Jordans and watched...
Family Guy, South Park, Seinfeld, and some other shows.

What. a. fun. weekend.


On Valentines Day Emilie came over.
We went to my friend Claire's house to play some games and eat treats.
After we came back to my house and had a photo booth sesh.
Maybe we took like 80 pictures.
Here are a few of my favorites...

{we are cool because we can do the same tongue trick.}
E = M C 2
{ Its so nice to have Emilie 10 minutes away again.
Back to the good ol' days.
Crazy days and nights together :) }