School is OUT

I made it through my first semester in the EL-ED program.
And I even came out with all A's!!
So proud of myself.
Only 3 more semesters to go.

And now that school is out I can really focus 
on that wedding that is coming up.
You know....the one where I am marrying 
Yeah that wedding.
Let's get down to business now.

Can you Believe It?

Because I can hardly believe it.
The BIG day is coming SO fast!!
I can't even express my excitement to FINALLY be married
to my best friend.
It makes me so happy to think that in just 23 days I will be sealed 
to the love of my life.  
It really can't get much better than that.
I feel like the luckiest girl.


A Few Goals.

School is ALMOST over.
4 more days of class.
5 days of finals (next week).
After school is out/before I get married
I want to get a few things done/start.
Here are the first 3.
1. Continue making my recipe book.
Since I have been making some pretty awesome
meals for Blake and I.
2. Read The Hunger Games.
Everyone's been talking about it.
I think it is about time that I start them.
3. Start a little workout.
Yeah yeah yeah....go ahead and laugh.
But I really want to.
We shall see how well this goes.

P.S. 39 days...



We had a fun Easter weekend.
Blake's parents came to visit.
We spend Friday night at the City Creek Mall.
(I have to go back.)
Saturday we spend up in the Ogden area.
Easter Picnic with Blake's dads side of the family.
And Easter Sunday was spent with Blake's moms side of the family.

Oh! And how could I forget this part?
Blake's brother is serving his mission in Salt Lake City.
We were able to meet him for lunch on Monday.
(Poor Blake didn't get to come.)
But, majority of the family was there.


6 weeks until the BIG day.
So ready for this day to come!!
Need I say more?

Time to go find a suit for my handsome fiance.
We have to find the PERFECT one.

Have a wonderful night!

I've Felt....THE HOLY GHOST.

I was so sad to not be able to spend time in my
6th grade classroom this past week.
My three weeks are over.
And now I have one more week of school
THEN finals.

Let me tell you a little story about our last day of teaching the kids.
My partner, Becky, and I planned a lesson on the "Slave Trade".
We thought...."Oh this is going to be a good one!"
We were quite excited to teach it.
It started out by taking the kids right outside to the lawn.
We stood in a circle.
We went around in a circle saying an emotion we have felt before.
If anyone has felt that emotion- you step into the circle.
We wanted the kids to realize that we may all be different,
but we all feel the same things.
Kids were saying some like...
And then we get to one of our kids (who will not be named)-
he had to think of what he wanted to say.
After a long pause of hearing "ummmmm"
he says "I've felt.......THE HOLY GHOST!"
The whole class steps into the circle.
(Good thing everyone in the class was LDS).
But really it was so funny and cute.
It made me so happy to hear that these 11 and 12 years old
have felt the Holy Ghost.

I cannot wait to have my own classroom.
Kids are so cute.
And they really do say the darnest things.
(Remember that show?)



I love Conference Sunday Mornings.
My roommates, Blake, and I had crepes and eggs
for breakfast.
It was very delicious.
I will miss my roommates when I move out in a month
and get married in {less than} 2 months.


Basically I am addicted to the game
My roommates and I will sit and play every night.
It's just a little too much fun.
I'd have to say I am getting pretty good....


See? Professional.


2 Months to go...

2 more months.
60 days.
9 weekends.
until I {finally} get to marry Blake.


We have been saying that we would go to this place
Roll Up Crepes
for months now.
And it finally happened tonight.
Kinda a spur of the moment type of thing.
Blake got an Alfredo crepe.
I got a BBQ Pork crepe.
They were good.
Then a cinnamon roll crepe.
Called "Single."
Love date nights with my fiance.

Draw Something.

I got this new app to play with my sisters.
Draw Something.
It is a lot of fun.
But, basically I stink at it.
Can you guess what I was drawing?
It's a....Violin!
I know it isn't even close to it.
Like I said....I stink!!



In a couple months we will be on this ship....
Cruise to Mexico...here we come.
7 day cruise.
Spending 1 day in Puerto Vallarta.
And 2 days in Cabo San Lucas.
Time to buy myself a new bathing suit.
(It's a good excuse to.)


Bridal Shower.

While at home, a wonderful friend, Diane,
threw me a great bridal shower.
Delicious food & treats.
Wonderful friends.
Adorable decorations.
And lots of gifts.
I feel so blessed to have had so many people attend.


I had gift certificates to a little lounge restaurant here in provo
called SPARK.
We went once last year and thought it was pretty good.
We were excited to be able to have a small date night during the week.
Especially after we found a place to live!!
Yesterday was a success!!


6th grade...all over again!

Yesterday I started my field work experience in a 6th grade classroom.
My partner and I were very excited, but slightly nervous.
We didn't quite know what to expect.
We had seen our students and met with our teacher beforehand,
and half of the students were our height.
I mean talk about scary!!
We were slightly intimidated because we don't want them
to just walk all over us.
But, seriously, yesterday went so great!!
Basically, the kids just love us.
The students are great!!
These 6th graders are friendly, smart, and fun.
We got so lucky!!
My partner and I are teaching our first lesson on Thursday.
We will be teaching about some of the important people of the Renaissance.
Wish us luck because we will need it.
Lets face it though....the students probably already know more than us!
haha....so sad!

I have to tell one story.
Today I was reading their short paragraphs that they wrote on:
If a mailman brought me a package, what would I want it to be?
Some of these kids got creative.
One of my favorites was about a girl who wrote about a package
that was on her doorstep. When she opened it, nothing was there.
So she made a wish and tried again.
"I wished for plan tickets to every country in the world (except for
North Korea, Afghanistan, and those kind of places). Then I
opened the box *Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah*
that was music in the background and I was moving in slow motion.
I opened it and there was nothing in the box.
This girl is seriously hilarious.
My partner and I were laughing so hard.

More funny stories to come...


Spring Break was a success!!
My mother and I got a lot of planning done.
Here's what we got up until this point:
Sealing scheduled.... check
Reception Site...check
Invites order and stuffed.... check
Dress.... check
(just have to make them all now)
Decision on food/desserts....check
Bridesmaids outfits....check
I am sure there is more that I am just not thinking about right now.
So much on my mind. It's a busy time!!

Blake and I are getting more and more excited everyday!!
I can hardly believe how fast time is starting to go.
66 more days!!

OH! And Blake finally told me where we will be going on our honeymoon.....
I have never been on a cruise, AND I have never been to Mexico.

Now to work on finding us a place to live!!

I can hardly wait to become Mrs. Emily Miller :)


Wedding Planning Madness...

Wedding Plan is in full effect for the next 8 days.
I fly home early tomorrow morning to start the craziness.
Way excited to go home and see my family.
But, sad to be leaving Blake (& my roommates).
Let's face it though....
I've got to leave to plan our wedding!
So excited.
Time to finalize all the details for the big day :)

Only 77 days until I marry my best friend!


true story.

Pinterest has saved my life with wedding planning.
Why must it be SO addicting?



To start off-
My roommate (Emily) likes to make fun of me
because I always have countdowns.
And a lot of the time I start them way in advance
because I get so excited.
But, do you blame me?

5 days 'til St. George.
Family Vacation with Blakes Family.
3 day trip.

13 days 'til HOME!!
Not quite a vacation though.
The 8 days I am there will be filled with Wedding planning.
And a bridal shower.
So excited!!
(But this time....Blake isn't coming. SAD.)

4 weeks until I do my field experience.
In 6th grade. (kind scared)

{One week 'til a slumber party with my roommate (Emily).
She is super excited!}

And.....drum roll please!!
3 months 'til I marry the love of my life!!
I love him.


Pinched Nerves

On Tuesday I started to have some pains in my toes.
It felt like I stepped on a piece of glass and it was inside of me.
I couldn't see anything.
But every step I took it hurt.
Anytime I touched my toes or wiggled them it hurt.
It was so odd.
I thought--a miracle will happen and I will wake up tomorrow and be totally fine.
But, nope! That didn't happen.
On Wednesday I was still in pain and ended up using crutches to get around.
I saw a podiatrist on Thursday.
And that's when I found out that I have pinched nerves in my toes.
This picture shows where it happens.
(except mine is between the 1st and 2nd toes,
and the 2nd and 3rd toes.)
I pray that the medicine will help and that I will be good again.


Sneak Peak.

Here is a small sneak peak at our engagement photo session with Blake's Aunt.

Thanks Regina!!


Love for a Sloth

If you have not watched this video yet....please do.

Now watch this one. It's the auto tuned version.


That's right people!!
Blake and I are down to double digits.
{Only} 99 days until we get married!
Time is starting to fly by.
But, at times it does feel like time has stopped.
We are right on track with planning.
I cannot wait for the next 99 days to pass right on by,
so i can finally marry my best friend!!

Be Mine.

What a Valentine's Day.
It started off uneventful.
I still had 3 hours of school and then
a couple hours of homework to do.
I then ran a couple of errands so I could
do a little bit of decorating for my sweetheart.

Blake and I had a relaxing night.
We made Chicken Pillows
(one of his favorite meals, and now mine)
with some green beans.
It was all so delicious.
We ended our night watching the movie Airplane.

It was great being able to have a relaxing night with Blake.
I love him.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!


Small and Simple.

Over the weekend I became very stressed.
With Work, School, and Wedding Planning.
I felt as if I were falling behind in all three.
But, I was looking at the grand scheme of things
Instead of the day-to-day view.
(Don't we all do this?)
Blake was so kind to give me a blessing to help me feel less stressed.
He is so amazing and good to me.
And then today, my teacher let us out almost two hours early!!
This was a huge blessing for today because of everything I have to do.

Blake and I are traveling home on Friday for a friends wedding.
But, before that there is MUCH to do.
I work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
School Monday-Friday.
and many assignments to finish.

The good news is, I can turn to my Heavenly Father
whenever I need help.
He is there and will always listen to us.
I have already felt a huge relief from all this stress.

P.S. Getting closer to being Mrs. Miller.
109 days!!



If you are a fan of TOMS shoes...
You may have heard that TOMS is coming out with ballet flats.
You may be saying...
Well...good news. You can!
Starting February 1.
Neat, huh?
So treat yourself and get a pair. (or two)


When I was little....

I loved to watch cartoons.
I always thought....
"HEY! I can cut the t.v. open and become one of them."
I was always dying to.
And later I found out....
they are real people and that's not exactly how it works.
My hopes and dreams were crushed.



I walked out of my apartment today to this beautiful view.


We're cute.

Because i think we are so cute.

When Life Gets Crazy.

I know that since I got engaged I kinda disappeared.
Well here is why....

1. Wedding planning.
2. Moved apartments
(now closer to school, work, and Blake)
3. Started the Elementary Education program.
(7 classes and lots of work)
4. Work
(4 shifts a week)

And with all of that going on, I HAVE to find time for myself and to spend with Blake.
Things are so crazy busy right now.
And they will be like this for the next 4 1/2 months.
BUT, I am not complaining....

Anyway, I am in my first semester of the ELED program.
I finished my first week and I LOVE IT!!
3 hours of school, 5 days a week.
There is a lot to do, and I am going to be busy.
I cannot wait to get out in classrooms and teach.

Work is keeping me way busy.
I work 4 shifts a week...which brings me to about 18 hours a week.

I love the wedding planning....
well most of it.
My mother is AMAZING!!
She is helping me stay on track.
I guess she knows what she is doing when she has
3 daughters get married all within a years time.

I just keep telling myself....
When life gets crazy, just keep going.