Swagger Wagon

Erin sent this to me last night.
It is hilarious.
Please watch.
And enjoy! :)


While in a store today Heidi pointed out the
GIANT marshmallows.
So I immediately thought of the two experiences.
Basically....I love marshmallows.
If I ever see an opened bag...
I will eat them. ALL.
So watch out.

Here is a picture of me playing chubby bunny.
And here is me trying to put a GIANT marshmallow
in my mouth.
And yes it was....HUGE!


The day finally came.
Dana, Claire, and I made our travels to UTAH!
We left at approx. 6:15 am (CA time).
We arrived about 5:20 pm (UT time).
Our car ride was...a lot of fun.
We danced and sang along to many different types of songs.
Hymns, Country, Pop, Rap, HipHop, Rock,
and any other genre I missed.
It was the best.
We stopped for Cafe Rio (of course) in St. George.
When we arrived, we heard that Stephanie Nielson (NieNie)
was speaking at BYU.
So Dana, Claire, and I changed and
tried to look somewhat decent and
then jumped in the car and headed straight for BYU to hear her.
There were so many women there it was crazy.
There had to have been around 600 people there to hear her.
Amazing! It shows how inspiring she really.
She talked about Recapturing Beauty.
Here are some points I loved that she said:

1. Seek for the foundation that God loves YOU.
2. We can only feel as beautiful as we are on the inside.
3. We are not less, but more, like our Heavenly Father
because we are embodied in him.
4. Understand that we are made in the image of God.
5. Our beauty was a gift from God.
6. Our spirit is what makes us beautiful.
7. Beauty is: Health, Harmony, Peace, and Self-confidence

Go ahead. Tell yourself you are beautiful.
Go find and love your beauty.

Check out the "nienie dialogues" Here.
You will LOVE her. Guaranteed.

Well...its time to close this up.
Heidi needs help with getting things ready for
her art project tomorrow in her classroom.
Until next time....adios.


Crunchy, Salty, Sweet.

The perfect combination...
What could get better than that?
Not much.
My new favorite treat is...

Dana and I went to target yesterday and I bought...
2 MEDIUM bags.
They are just so delish.
Last night I had to tell myself to
Thank you Pretzel m&ms for making life so much better :)


Well Lately...

Lately...I have been super busy.
Life is just crazy.
Which is fine. I don't mind it.
Being busy is good.

1. I am finally in my last semester...
at Golden West.
I am taking:
1. History (1876-present)
2. Math (College Algebra)
3. Education (Computer Technology for teachers)
4. English (Critical Thinking)
This semester is not as easy as i was thinking it was going to be.
History and English require a LOT of reading.
And Math and Education include a LOT of assignments.
My teachers didn't hold back on assigning work and reading at all.
They threw it right at me the first week of school.
But what should I have expected? It's college.

2. I am still teaching piano.
(and I don't want "still" to sound like i hate it.)
I have about three months of teaching left.
I am extremely sad about it.
And I believe they are sad about it too.
I really don't want to leave them.
They all have a special place in my heart.
And they all know how to put a smile on my face.
I love them all so much.

3. I am planning things for Utah:
*Buying clothes and boots.
*Finding a place to live.
*Figuring out registration.
*Debating when I start classes up at UVU.
*Finding out the residency policy.
*Looking for a job.
So much to do in so little time.
Moving in 3 months...yikes!
So excited.

4. Watching LOST!
My parents bought Netlix for our wii.
I was looking for something to watch one day while baking.
So I turned LOST on.
And what do you know.....
I got addicted.
It is so incredibly good.
I started it about 3-3 1/2 weeks ago
and I am half way through season 3.
3 more to go.

5. Taking a trip up to UTAH!
Dana, Claire, and I (and maybe one other)
are taking a trip up to Utah in a week.
Next Thursday we will be leaving in the early morning (5am)
to start out travels.
We will spend the weekend there.
*Go to conference.
*Check out places for me to live.
*Possibly look for some jobs available.
And whatever else comes up.
We are all very excited.
I love going to conference....and I love love love seeing Heidi!
Can't wait!! :)

Well...thats about it.
Oh and heres a few pictures that I love.

Have a grand ol' weekend :)



And today also marks the day he has 2 weeks (14 days) left.
It is starting to really fly by.
Here are a few recent pictures of his mission.
And here is a "blast from the past" picture.
(He took me to Medieval Times for my 18th birthday.)

I can't wait to see you soon :)

Fabulous End to Summer.

School has come around, yet again.
I was excited for this semester to start
(mainly because I am ready to get on with my life).
But, I was also sad that it was starting.
One more week of summer is all I wanted.
Is that too much to ask for?

Well my friends and I decided to go out with a bang.
We wanted to end the summer on a good note.
So we were going to go repelling with our ward in the morning,
but there was a change of plans with that one.
So instead some of us went to Lexi's.
We layed out and swam a bit.
Claire's crazy flips.
Love this photo.
Courtesy of Claire.

After Lexi's house we went to get massages for Veronica's birthday.
Since we did that for mine, we decided to carry it on.
Some had interesting experiences this time.
But, still a nice relaxing time.

Then we ended the day with one of our favorite places,
Pork Barbacoa is where its at! LOVE!! <3
We saw the Cafe Rio bus outside,
so we decided to take a few pictures.

And of course, the butt pose.
Always gotta have it.
Claire and I love how everyone has their own signature pose.
(From Right to Left)
Lexi: The Diva.
Veronica: The Classic Pose.
Mynor: The Funny Guy.
Claire: The Sassy Star.
Ashton: The Male Vogue.
Mike: The RM.
Emily: The "I love my butt".

Lexi, Claire, and I ended the night with cutting up a TON of hearts,
then a little photobooth sesh. (always fun).
Then we went to heartattack, gummybear, and swedish fish
Veronica's car for her 19th birthday!!
Whose eye is whose?
We finally took a "normal" picture after about 100.
And here is what we did to Veronicas car...

Another post to come later today.
Until then... adios.