Today: Dana, Sara, Claire, & I will be...
driving to L.A. to see...
NICK JONAS & the administrators
in concert!
I am very excited!
We are going to have the time of our life.
{Something Dana created}
{Something Claire created}
{Tomorrow: Pictures of the event.}


My {BEST} Friends.

December and January have been wonderful months.
No School. Which means...
Plenty of days with my friends.
{Claire. Shane. Veronica. Sam.}
We have had so many fun times this month.
Here are some of our memories...

{The day Sam and Nolan got there mission calls.
Sam is going to Japan. Reports April 7.
Nolan is going to Illinois. Reports February 17.
{I LOVE going to breakfast at Ruby's on the Pier.
SOOO...I dragged my friends there. :)
They loved it of course.}
{We spent a whole day at Knott's Berry Farm.}
{A day in Big Bear...actually a few hours.
We went sledding and had some fun.}
{One night we went down to the Wedge.
Sometimes....we do crazy stuff.}
{Veronica and I stayed the night at Claires house.
And had a photo shoot with all the lights off.
Let's just say it was one of the best nights for all of us.}
{One sunday night we were all lying on the floor...
AND this is what happened.
Enough said with these pictures.}
{Sam took us to Montebello to get "THE BEST" chocolate milk.
Later we find out that you can just buy it at a local grocery store.
BUT-the drive was fun and I am glad he took us there.
FUN experience.}
More memories to come in the next couple months
{before Sam leaves us.}
I love my friends <3


Happy 24th Birthday!!

HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely sister.
{Erin's first(?) time in the snow-
Utah-April '09}
{Family Vacation-
Monterey Beach-family vacation 07}
{Saturday afternoon walk}
{Shopping with Grandma Day}
{New Years Eve '08-
{Christmas Day '09}
Here is a little something that Claire and I did for Erin.
{while she was at OCMCO practice}
Let's just say she really enjoyed this.

I hope you have a fabulous day!
{Oh wait! You will- we are hanging out}


Dinner by yours truly...

Dinner and Desert tonight was made by yours truly.
{The cook}
{Prep Time}
{Parma Chicken}
{Claire so excited to eat my meal.}
{Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies}
{Claires Muddy Buddies}


Who Knew...

Today I was cleaning my room and in walks Erin with some news.
Here's how it went:

Erin:"Did Wes text you too? "
Me: "No. Why?"
Erin: "He just said that there is a tornado warning in Orange County!"
Me: *Silence.My hands immediately rose to my face,&covered my mouth.*
Erin: *Laughing*
Me: "WHAT?! Why are you laughing? This is scary."
Erin: *Walks out of room*

I then told a couple people and then started to watch FOX11 news.
I wanted to stay updated.
Luckily, everything was fine here.
Just a scary moment that has just happened.

Lesson from this:
*My emergency backpack is sitting in my closet. Ready to be taken out, rolled right along side me (yes, it is a rolling backpack), and used at any given time.*

{Picture of the tornado down at the Huntington Beach Pier.}


Rain, Rain!

Day number 1 of the rain.
I like the rain when I am at home.
Not when I am at school, please.
I love the sound of the rain when it hits the ground.

{Cool picture I found.}
{Photoshoot with Dana.
One of my favorites}
Sometimes I like to run around and dance in the rain.
{Playing in the rain with friends.
The start to a new friendship.}

Its days like these that I like to:
Sit at home.
Watch movies.
Stay in my pajamas.
Wrap up in a blanket.
And Drink some hot cocoa.



The following pictures are two of my favorites.
These were taken Spring '08.
Camping in San Mateo.
All the young women.
CDES reunite <3
{Claire. Dana. Emily. Sara}
{Nature Walk}
{Spice Girls...we tried}
{Railroad Track Photoshoot}
{Sunset with my sister}
{Sunset with CDES}


My Life of Piano

Today while teaching I started to think of my life of piano so far.
Here is why I am happy my mom encouraged me to take piano.

1. I can share my talents with others
{Even though I get shy and try to get out of it
sometimes when put on the spot, I still love it.}
{This is a really old picture of Erin Heidi and I on a family vacation}

2. I can simply just have fun
{Sometimes I like to sit down and play whatever comes
to me or I will open up to random songs.}
{Random picture I found on google}

3. I have a job
{I am able to teach 16 wonderful students the same talent.}
{This picture is from my Spring Recital '08}


My Favorite Things...

Today's post is a list of some of my favorite things:
{In no specific order}

1. My Family
2. The Scriptures
3. Cafe Rio
4. My Friends
5. Spaghetti
6. The Temple
7. French Toast
8. T.V. Shows (The Bachelor, The Office, Seinfeld, SYTYCD, etc.)
9. Rummikub
10. The Beach

Along with today's post will be one of my favorite pictures:
{This is a picture that I sent to Blake.
The kids and I did it just for him.
They were so excited for me to send it.
And he loved getting it.}