"Do you have anything CARB FREE?"

Just a little funny note that my good friend told me.
We work together at an ice cream place.
We started to tell each other funny things that have happened to us while at work.
The funniest was when a man asked her

"Do you have anything CARB FREE?"

Who walks into an ice cream place and asks if we have anything carb free.
I think its pretty obvious that an ice cream place wouldn't have anything that is carb free.


4 posts in one day?? This is worth it.

Okay, yes...I will admit it.
This is my 4th post for today.
I have fallen so far behind.
But, I just HAD to share this picture.
It has become one of my favorites of us.
Isn't he so handsome?
I love him.
I sure do miss him.

Just around the corner...

People...2 weeks until my birthday!!!!
21 baby!!
(Not that it really means anything.)
Anyway....if you want to get me something feel free.
A ticket to California is always welcome.
Okay....Im sort of kidding.
Maybe just money for food.
or a new pair of toms.
or skirts.
You know....the essentials ;)

Well thats it for this post.

Maybe I am just a little excited....

24 days until I get to see all of these lovely folks.

{My Beautiful family}
{Milla...haven't seen her since December}
{Maelen...my BFF}
{My friends...(this is only some of them)}
{The love of my life...Blake}
Did I say 24 days until I see them all?
Well....just in case I didn't....24 days!!
I cannot wait.
And then 2 weeks in August!!
Just have to make it through the next 7 weeks of school.

California, Friends, Family, Beach....see you soon!!

"Bob Marley makes me feel like I know what its like to smoke weed..." *(Please Read On)*

My coworker and I were pretty bored at work last night.
Towards the end of the night...
some things just were just really funny to us.
Sometime around 10, this guy comes to check out.
He was asking how some people paint certain items.
So my coworker started to describe a few of them.
One of the plates had Bob Marley on it.
The guy thought it was really cool and then said this...

"I like listening to Bob Marley music because
it makes me feel like I know what its like to smoke weed..."

We started laughing a little bit.
And after he left we were just cracking up.
We wrote his quote on a sticky note
for the rest of the employees to see.

Who says something like that?
It was hilarious.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


Feeling Good.

I am feeling good.
Yesterday I finished my math class.
Passed with a 94% in the class.
Ohhh Yeahhhh!!!!
And I am going to take my Childs Lit final in a half hour.
I am so glad this first term is just about over!

Next I take on another math class starting Monday.
7 am---4 days a week!!
This should be fun....NOT!
What am I doing to myself?

Have a great Saturday!
(I know i will with a nap ahead of me.)


27 days.

I miss home.
I mean....
I really really miss home.
I miss my family.
I miss Blake.
I miss the beach.
I miss my old ward.
I miss my friends.
I miss my piano students.
I miss the kids I babysat.

If I could...I would pack up and leave right now.
But....only 27 days until I come back for a short visit.
And then 19 days after that for a longer visit.
I hope time flies by.
I am going to give myself a project to start to help the time fly.
I cannot wait!!

California...SEE YOU SOON!!

P.S. today I went to the pool with some friends....
My body hasn't really seen the sun in a while.
1. Winter decided to stay longer that wanted.
2. NO time to lay out.
But...today I needed it.
And my body got a bit of sun haha.
Not totally burned...but pretty dang close.

Have a fab week.



HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the best father out there.
I love you, dad.
{This was taken about 4 years ago....i miss my long hair.}
I miss my dad a ton
(along with the rest of my family).
This year has been my first fathers day, mothers day, and memorial day
away from home.
And I do not like it one bit.
I wish I could be home to celebrate these holidays with my family.
I love them all no matter what though.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the great dads out there.


Missing B

I am missing him.
After him leaving me for almost 3 years (all together now),
you think I would be use to it by now.
BUT....nope. That isn't the case.
I have fallen more and more in love with him
and he is my best friend.
At least I get to see him in 4 days.
But then its 28 days without seeing him.
Can't wait to see him again.

{I love you, B!}


Good Things.

Good Things in MY Life:

1. Just turned in my last assignment for childs lit!!
2. I only have 7 days of school left.
(3 tests, math homework, 1 presentation.)
3. 35 days 'til I go home!
4. I only have one class next term.
5. 25 days 'til I am 21!!
6. I am enjoying tutoring my 3 little students.
(They are so cute.)
7. I am going to pick up reading for enjoyment again.
(I have a list of books I want to read.)
8. I'm so in love!!!!
9. Working a ton still.
(so blessed.)


First, I apologize for being so horrible about blogging.
Life is so busy.
Whenever I am not at work or school, I am at home doing homework.
I always want to sit down and blog a little, but no time.
So please forgive me.
Only 2 more weeks of this crazy schedule.
And then hopefully it will calm down.

Second, Blake took me on one of our last dates last night.
(Read on to know why its own of our lasts.)
It was perfect.
I met him at Olive Garden after work.
(And we had the BEST waitress.
She was a little old lady from Spain.
When she would come check on us she would say
"how are my beautiful people doing?"
She was so sweet and funny.)
After Olive Garden we played some
Crash Bandicoot on his computer.
(He knew I have been wanting to play it.)
And then he put in Gladiator (clean flicks version).
Of course, I fell asleep.
Not only did I fall asleep in the middle of the movie...
I think I made a record for myself.
I was out within a minute of the movie.
(Sorry Blake.)

Third, Blake leaves me in 4 days.
He is moving back home.
This makes me really sad.
I cannot wait to see him in 39 days.
(And, of course, see my family and friends.)
I am going to miss him so much.
I love you, Blake!

Fourth, so far I have made it through this dreadful summer term.
I only have:
2 math tests left
2 chapters of math homework
1 childrens novel to read
2 assignments for childrens lit
1 final project for childrens lit
All in less than 2 weeks.
Its not THAT much, right?

Well, thats it for now.
Oh and of course.....
picture for today:
I love this picture of us.
Shows who we are pretty well.
Me: "sweet & sassy"
(in blakes words)
Blake: calm, relaxed, & cool

Until next time....



Yes, this is real.
This is my schedule so far for June.
Just a wee bit crazy.
No more time to blog.
I am off to tutor my little kids.



Do you remember being in elementary school
and making dioramas?
Well, here I am in college doing one.

Our assignment was to read a Historical Fiction book.
And then make a bookreport.
We could do basically anything we wanted.
I read one of the Dear America books.
I thought it would be a great idea to make a diorama.
Well, once I started to make it all
I decided it wasn't such a bright idea.
Making these can kinda be a pain.
But, thankfully...
Blake wanted to help with it.

So here is the scene:
(I wish everyone could really see how amazing the fire is.)

I learned to never choose to make a diorama.
But, I must say I am very happy with the way it turned out.
Couldn't have done it without Blake.
Oh how I love how he is creative.

No Time. More Time.

I have decided that there is just not enough
time in the day to do everything.
I never thought I would be wishing there was more time.
But, here I am.


Don't Stop Me Now.

Please, no one stop me.
I am on a roll.
I took my Children's Literature midterm today.
I left feeling so confident.
I studied really hard for that.
Memorized everything there was to memorize.
The test only took me about 25 minutes to take.
As soon as I sat down, I was just haulin' through that test.
I was a bit nervous to take that test,
but I told myself I had to be confident.
After feeling so great about this test...
I am so ready to take on my other tasks.
Yes, it would be nice to take a break.
But, so much more to do.
I have my Harry Potter write-up due tomorrow.
I take my 2nd math test tomorrow.
(Lets hope I do as well as I did on the first--or even better.)
An assignment and book report for Childrens Lit due Monday.
And....I start tutoring little kids on Monday.
And I will be doing it on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
An even crazier life is on its way.
Oh!! And I am now working 6 day weeks.
So please....DO NOT STOP ME!!
Just not yet.