Merry Christmas.....

...to me.
I had the best Christmas.
Let me tell you about it.

Blake and I arrived on Tuesday evening.
Everyday has been just a relaxed kind of day.
Wednesday we went to dinner with all of my family.
Thursday evening my family took our annual trip down
to Balboa to look at the lights.
And then Friday.....Oh Friday.
That was the start of a wonderful Christmas weekend.

Blake asked me out on a date for Friday night.
He acted like he didn't have anything planned for the evening.
But, little did i know....he did.
So we went to dinner at Roman Cucina in Sunset Beach.
After dinner we went down to Naples in Seal Beach
to walk around and look at the lights.
When we got down there we sat in the car and opened our gifts for each other.
I got him a nice black v-neck sweater to wear over dress shirts.
He got me a nice big black purse.
(I seriously love it).
He told me there was more inside,
so I opened it and pulled out a pair of socks and a shirt.
Loved them.
And then he told me there was one more thing inside.
So I opened it back up and pulled out a Zales box.
Opened that up and it was this gorgeous ring.
And so he put it on me but told me we weren't engaged yet.
We got out to walk around and walked to this giant fountain.
He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
And without any hesitation, I said YES!!
There isn't anyone I would want to spend the rest of my life and eternity with.
I am seriously one lucky girl to have such an amazing man like Blake.
He treats me so well.
I can hardly wait to marry him.
Aren't we so cute?

Alright, so Saturday we made our big debut to my family and then his.
Everyone was so excited, as we are too.

Christmas Eve we went over to my Aunts house for dinner #1
and then we went to Blake's grandmas house for dinner #2.
We had so much fun at both places.
I am happy Blake will be a part of my family and that I will be a part of his.
We both have such wonderful families.

Christmas was wonderful as well.
My family had breakfast in the morning.
Traditional Kendrick Cinnamon Rolls.
And then we opened gifts.
Later we went to church.
And then had my family over for dinner.
Later that evening Blake and I went over to some of his families house.

I had such a wonderful Christmas.

The most important part though,
Remembering our Savior.
How blessed we are that he was sent down to Earth.
This Christmas season is all about remembering Him.
I love my Savior.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas as well.


Finals are done.
The week is almost over.
You know what that means?
Almost time to go HOME!

I have 3 shifts of work left.
Then we are leaving for home on Tuesday morning.

Let the party begin :)


I want More.

Thanksgiving Break was just not quite long enough.
It left me wanting more.
More family time. More friend time. More warm, sunny time.
Good thing I am heading back in 9 days!!!!
And i will get to be there for 2 weeks!!!!
I could not be more excited.
I can hardly wait.


Happy Holidays from us!


Thanksgiving Break.

So I am a little late on blogging about my Thanksgiving break
(and before you know it, i'll be blogging about my Christmas break).
So here is how my break went.

I arrived in the {early} afternoon on Wednesday.
My Mom, Dana, and Grandpa picked me up.
We had some lunch and went for a nice walk.
Later that evening I went to a friends wedding reception.
[It was beautiful]

Thanksgiving Day!!
Dana and I helped my mom with the baking and cooking.
[We had Thanksgiving at our place this year]
I made {my famous} French Apple and Cherry Pies.
[Of which I had NONE of]
Later the family came over and we stuffed ourselves with
all of the delicious food.
Then it was just time to relax.

On Friday I went down to San Clemente with Blake and his family.
It was a fun time to hang out with all his cousins, aunts, and uncles.
I went and did a little shopping at Target with the girls.
[And got nothing.... surprise surprise.]
When we got back, we went to dinner with my family at
Claim Jumper and then watched a movie at home.
[And, of course, I fell asleep.]
Then it was time for games with Blakes family.
[Monopoly until 4 am....I fell asleep, Again.]

Saturday we took a family bike ride down to the beach.
[75 degree weather]
It was such a nice bike ride.
Came back to the house for lunch and to relax.
Then we were back to Blakes house.
More relaxing and hanging out.

Sunday I got to see Erin and Mike.
We went to church.
And the Seacliff and Pierside wards were combined.
Came home and made dinner with Dana.
After dinner, Dana and I went over to the Dahls.
I gave them their birthday/Christmas gifts.
[I made each of them a plate with their name on it.
They absolutely loved them.]

Monday morning was spent decorating the house for Christmas.
And then lunch with Mom, Dana, and Erin at Corner Bakery.
Before my flight, I went and said goodbye to my Dad at work.
Then it was time to head back home.

I sure do miss my family.
I can hardly wait to go home for Christmas.
I get to spend 2 weeks at home with family.

Alright.....here are some pictures from home:

{Dad and Don watching "Punkin Chunkin"}
{This is Blakes cousin, Noah, as Darth Vader}
{Dinner at Claim Jumper}
{Anxiously awaiting our food}

{Ahhhhh....so cute.}
{Playing UNO with the kids.}
{Christmas Stockings.}
{This is my favorite.
When Blake picked me up from the airport,
he had this waiting for me.
Isn't he such a sweetheart?
I think so.}


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I love Christmas.

3 Days

I have such a busy next couple days ahead of me.
Here's how it goes:

See Blake

See Blake

Finish packing


I usually start my packing at least a few days
before I leave for home.
Mainly because I am just way too excited.
But this time, its because I have no absolutely no time on Monday
and barely any time on Tuesday.
And today is already a little crazy.
I could not be more ready for this time to relax and take a break.
And I will need it most after Monday and Tuesday.
I was crazy and asked one of my boss' if I could work
3 shifts within 2 days.
And, he gave it to me.
Bring on Monday and Tuesday!!

I am stoked to see my family and friends!!
I have missed them so much
(even though my family just recently visited).
California, Family, Friends....I'll see you soon!!


Just Sayin'.....

More Findings on Pinterest....

And My Favorite...

seven...almost six

7 days
(almost 6)
until I come home!!
I can't wait to FLY home to California.
Instead of a 10 hour car drive....
I get to take a 2 hour flight home.
I am so excited to see my family and friends.
A break and quality time with family is needed.

California....see you soon!! <3

Blast From The Past

Alright, more like
"Blast from the not-so-long-ago past"
I just got caught up with looking at my photos...
And I ran by these...

{Ice Blocking with the ladies-2008}
{Hawaii Choir Tour- Laie Temple- 2007}
{Young Men and Young Women trip to the temple- 2006?}
{Thanksgiving- 2007?}
{Piano Recital- 2007}
{Prom- 2007}
{Family- 2007}


I walked out of class today and the first thing I saw was this....
Utah is such a beautiful place.
I feel lucky to live here
(for this short time).
Just look at that beautiful sunset.

Growing and Growing

Remember when my hair was this length?
Well, look at it now.

Its longer than it looks.
All that biotin is finally catching up to my hair.
So excited!!
After 3 long years of short hair...
I am finally ready for longer hair again.
I want to be able to put it up without it looking funny,
and I want to curl my hair again!
I miss that.

My hair should be at the length it was before I cut it,
in about 6 months.
This makes me happy :)


Crock Pot Meals

About once a week I make dinner for both Blake and I.
It is nice to be able to learn new recipes,
and be able to cook for someone other than myself.
Pinterest has these awesome crockpot recipes.

(Seriously, Pinterest is THE BEST!!)

I have been making many chicken crockpot meals.
I've done chicken with salsa, and we made them in to tacos.
Then I made a like creamy chicken that we put on top of rice.
And Ive done a BBQ chicken with broccoli, carrots, and pineapple.
Last week I made a delicious taco tortilla soup!!
Even though pizza isn't a crock pot meal....I still made it.
Tonight...BBQ chicken, with potatoes, veggies, and rolls.

I am really enjoying making all of these meals for us.
Blake always says he loves it....I hope its true.

I'm starving and can't wait for tonights meal to be ready.
I'll post a picture later.


Is It Christmas Yet?

I am so excited for Christmas this year.
I know that Thanksgiving isn't even here yet.
(And don't get me wrong...I am excited for Thanksgiving also.)
But, Christmas....ahhhhh!!
I can't even put in to words how excited I am.
I am already listening to Christmas music.
And...I started to before Halloween.
GO ahead, call me crazy!!

Dana bought the new Michael Buble,
She&Him, and Justin Bieber Christmas albums.
Oh. My. Goodness. They are all so good!!
I only listen to Christmas music now.
(Unless I am working.)


(16 days until I come home for Thanksgiving!!)


My parents and Dana came up to visit on Thursday.
It was fun having them here for a few days.
It was a pretty relaxing weekend.
Just so nice to spend time with each other.

We did get the new iPhone 4S.
Our first smart phone.
It is so AMAZING!!
We all love our new phones.
Some pictures from the weekend:
Jemi came and surprised me at work!
It had been 2 months since we saw each other.
Happy Sunday.
Blake made us chocolate chip cookies.

Great weekend!!
I can't wait to go home in 23 days!!


Missing Buckman

A year ago today,
Buckman passed away.
He is missed.
Love him so much <3


So Cute.

Spending a lovely Sunday night together.
Watching Coraline and doing homework.
Love him <3


1 Week.

1 week
until these beautiful people come visit Heidi, Blake, and I.
I can hardly wait for them to come.

Happy Thursday!!


I Can See Clearly...I

I got them just in time to pick up before my test today.
It's amazing how clear I can read thing now.
I. Love. Them.

I AM IN!!!!

It was almost around this same time last year that
I announced I was accepted to Utah Valley University.
Well, this time I am announcing that.... (drum roll please).....
I am so excited.
(Can't you tell?)
I start the program in January...and the next two years of my life
will be dedicated to that program so that I can be a wonderful teacher.


I think this calls for a CELEBRATION!!


I Need You...

Lately, when doing homework--it gets harder for me to see.
My eyes start to burn and hurt.
I finally went to an eye doctor.
(A GREAT ONE!! If you are looking for one in Provo, let me know.)
He did some eye tests and decided I needed reading glasses.
That is exactly what I was thinking I needed.
So...I am patiently waiting for these beauties to arrive:
Roxy RO3310 eyeglasses
(Sorry the picture is so big. I had to copy & paste it on. And I can't change the size.
Click on glasses to view entire picture.)

I decided yesterday that it was a good idea that I had seen an eye doctor.
I play the piano at church, and while playing the hymns...
everything started to blur together.
It sure is a good thing that I was really familiar with the hymns we were singing.
Otherwise....things would have been a mess.
HURRY UP and get here glasses!! I NEED YOU!!!


11 days...

.....until Mom, Dad, and Dana
come to visit!!
(That also means...11 days until iphones!!)

I can hardly wait to see them.

Fall is here.
And it is gorgeous!!

I love going on drives.
Always have.
As a young girl I remember going on a few family drives.
Loved them.
A couple of weeks ago, I took Blake and I on a drive through the Provo Canyon.
And we stopped off at a park to take a small walk.

It was so beautiful to see all of the different fall colors.
Utah is gorgeous in the fall.
(I'll try to remember to take a fall picture)