I am so in love with this boy.
{His choice}
{And my choice.}

He is so great.


Oh Don't Mind Me...

Heidi and Stevens wedding was beautiful.
I will blog about that later when I have more time.
(Still busy.)
Let me just explain a little something that happened
during the Ring Ceremony.
The Ring Ceremony took place at the Olds new home,
where the reception was.
My bishop, here in Provo, came down to perform the
Ring Ceremony.
It was beautiful...he explained things very well for those
who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Katie&Kyle wrote a song for Heidi&Steven.
And then...about 20-25 minutes into the ceremony,
I started to feel nauseous.
I tried to suck it up for about a minute,
until I knew I wasn't going to make it through.
I started to feel light headed.
I whispered to Erin:
"I don't feel good."
She didn't hear me the first time.
About 10 seconds later I whispered again:
"I really don't feel good."
Erin told me to take off my (4") heels.
So I did just that.
Then she told me to hold on to her.
Everything started to slowly turn black.
She looked at me,
grabbed me just about as I was going to collapse to the ground.
She walked me out of the ceremony.
She said I looked pale.
Mike followed.
Along with my aunt and the one who owns the house.
We unzipped my dress, got me upstairs
(took the elevator), drank some water,
and I laid down on a blow-up mattress.
My aunt is a nurse so she checked me out.
Everything was fine.
We don't know what happened.
Probably just wear high heels,
not being able to take deep breaths in the dress,
and just standing for a long time.
No...my knees were not locked.
I have learned my lesson before about that,
so I never ever lock my knees when standing.
I felt so bad that I had to leave the ceremony,
but it was much better than fainting in the middle of it.

Pictures to come from the wedding...




My Summer semester of school started.
Which means...first semester at UVU!!
I am taking two classes.......in 7 weeks.
Math won't be too bad. Yeah there is homework,
but so far it is really easy.
Childrens Literature is going to be insane.
Here is a little brief list of what all I have to do in this class:
1. Read the following books (by these dates):
- Hatchet (5/16)
- The Giver (5/20)
- Maniac Magee (5/27)
- Harry Potter- any in the series (6/3)
- Watsons Go To Birmingham (6/8)
- Esperanza (6/17)
2. DO the following assignents (by these dates):
- Author Illustrator (5/18)
- Poetry Collection (5/25)
- Maniac Magee write up (5/27)
- Harry Potter write up (6/3)
- Historical Fiction Nontraditional Book Report (6/6)
- Biography Presentation (6/10)
- Information Book-Newsletter (6/13)
- Bibliography (6/15)
- Final Presenation (6/20 & 6/22)
3. Midterm & Final & Tutoring (on these dates):
- Midterm ( 5/31-6/2)
- Final Exam(6/24)
- 20 hours of Tutoring (6/20)

On top of all of this...I am still working two jobs.
And I want to see and spend time with Blake.
(even if it means we are doing homework.)

Life is so crazy now.
Which I am grateful for though.
The last 4 1/2 months have been somewhat boring.
I had one class and two jobs.
The days that I didn't work, I had no idea what to do with time.
Now, I have to find the time to relax and just enjoy.

Coming Home...

I am about to go pack my bags because....
(insert drum roll here)
I leave in 3 1/2 hours to head to the airport.
My sweet friend JEMI is taking me.
I cannot wait to go home.
Because I get to see family and friends.
AND, of course, because....
HEIDI & STEVEN (Heiven or Steidi)
are getting MARRIED!!
What a beautiful day this will be.
Love these two so so much.
And one of the best parts of them being married is...
they will just be living on the other side of my apartment.
Rummikub and Sunday dinners ALL the time!!
The only thing that I wish could be better about this weekend is....
Blake coming home with me.
Instead, he is staying here and I am going home.
I will miss him.eheinc gzdrPeace out UTAH!
(see you sunday night)


After having a broken tv in my apartment for 5 months.
And a HUGE one sitting on the living room floor for 4 months.
They are finally GONE!!
A nice man came to pick them up.
The HUGE tv is super super heavy.
I felt bad for him.
Good thing he was strong enough.

Oh the Wonders at Work

The past few days I had some cool/interesting/weird times at work.

1. On Monday night,
NieNie came into my work.
She came in with her husband and her four kids.
What a beautiful family they are.
She is such a wonderful woman.
Go check out her blog and read her story.

2. A little girl about 3 years old
came into my work and was wearing the same jeans as me.
Except her were really black and not just faded (like mine).
So cute.

3. I swear Jacob and his dad (Billy) came in to get ice cream.
They both were very tan/dark looking.
Both had long hair.
"Jacob" obviously worked out and was in shape.
This was just weird.

Have a great week :)


i love to blog
blog blog blog
i blog all day,
i blog when i wake up in the morning
i blog before i go to bed at night
i blog when i eat
i blog on the toilet
i blog with my boyfriend
i blog with my girlfriends
i blog with my other boyfriend
i blog when im awake
i blog when im half asleep
i blog when it rains
i blog when it pours
i blog when i play rummykub
i blog when i blog
i blog when im bored
i blog when im not bored
i blog while i facebook
i blog when i should be doing homework
i blog with pasta
i blog about peeps
i blog on fridays (partyin yea!)
i blog without shoes on
i blog weblogs
i blog so that all my stalkers can know whats going on in my life
i blog while im alive
i will blog til i die

-emily c kendricky
-blogger extraordinaire
its time to blog... again
cuz i like to blog... again
blogging is fun... again
for everyone... again

Early Bedtime means....Crazy night?

Friday night I went to bed around 10 pm.
Why so early on a Friday night?
I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to go take the PRAXIS test.
(test for teaching).
Apparently I was super nervous and paranoid while sleeping.
I had bad dreams about the test.
1. I woke up late and had to rush to the school,
but they wouldn't let me in.
2. All of the different subjects of the test were in different buildings.
Math was in one center and then
English was on the other side of campus.
It was a bit ridiculous.
And then to add to all of this crazyness...
I texted Blake when I was half-asleep.
It was about 1:30 in the morning,
and it went something like this:

ME: Morning Sweetheart.
(I remind you it was 1:30 AM)
BLAKE: wait.. its still bedtime babe.
ME: Oh yeah. You are right. Whoops. I am out of it hahm
a week bit confused.

And then it went on a bit from there...but I woke up.
I told Heidi this yesterday, and she was CRACKING up.
It actually was pretty hilarious.
Just to clarify....I AM NOT A SLEEP TEXTER!!
And since I didn't get much sleep that night...
after I got back from the test, I took a 3 hour nap.
That felt so so so so great!!

On that note...I hope you are having a fabulous Sunday.
I know I am.
Went to church.
Took a small nap.
Now, waiting for Blake to get here so we can go on a drive through the Canyon.
Then, we are making dinner with Heidi & Steven
and watching the CES fireside.
Given tonight by: Sister Rosemary M. Wixom.
She is the Primary General President.
I suggest everyone watch it.
These firesides are always wonderful.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.