Birthdays...they come and go.

Happy 8th Birthday
to some of my favorite 8 year olds out there- Hannah, Devin, Jacob, and Damon. I love you all!! <3


It Must Be Love

This past summer I started to eat tons of cantaloupe. My mom would have it all cut up when I would get home from my four hour English class. I would sit down at the table and just chow down on it. I would eat more than half of the bowl. I think I ate way too much of it because now my throat gets very itchy when I eat it. I don't like being allergic to cantaloupe. I would have to say it is love. I love cantaloupe. It makes me very sad when I cannot eat cantaloupe very often or even eat a lot. Why must I be allergic to it? It must be love...

So basically I thought this picture looked really cool. I would love to learn how to make this.



Whenever I have been asked to name my most embarrassing moment I am not able to. But that is all going to change now. Today Sara, Dana, and I were at South Coast Plaza and decided to get dinner at Corner Bakery Cafe. Dana and I were sitting down at the booth waiting for our food while Sara went over to get her water. I thought I saw Sara coming around the corner carrying a water, napkins, and some forks. I all of a sudden said, "Did you get me a fork?"
But here is the embarrassing part....it actually was not Sara. It was some other lady. I didn't look at the face before I said what I said. The lady responded with, "No I did not. Sorry." I told her that I thought she was my friend and that I was sorry. Oh boy! I was so embarrassed. It may not seem very embarrassing but it definitely is to me.


L.O.S.T. S.P.I.D.E.R.

About two weeks ago I was lying in my bed about to go to sleep when I saw something in the corner of my eye. What is it you may ask. Well let me tell you. It was a spider. Yes...a spider was IN MY BED! I immediately grabbed a bunch of kleenex and killed it. Fast forward to tonight now. So I was on the phone talking to my lovely sister Heidi, when once again I saw something crawling in the corner of my eye. What is it? A spider again. I jumped up onto my feet and started to freak out. I went over to get some kleenex (like ten) and turn around...and it is GONE! The spider had crawled underneath my bed. Because I had the experience of finding a spider inside my bed with me, I have decided to sleep on the couch tonight. I am disgusted and scared to sleep in my bed. I hope that spider dies under my bed...or just comes out of my room.
(I will not post a picture of a spider because I can't stand looking at them. When I look at them I just feel like I have thousands of spiders crawling all over me. Just like the feeling I get when people talk about shots. But thats another story of itself.)
Goodnight. :)


This weekend has been amazing. Friday night I left for Lake Arrowhead with some ladies from the Relief Society in my ward. We played games, learned about unity, went on a hike, cliff jumped, swam in freezing cold water, and ate pizza. We made it home an hour and a half before the adult session of stake conference started on saturday night. The weekend now ends with a wonderful Stake Conference. Thanks ladies for making this such a fun weekend. :)
Sisterly love. <3
The Relief Society....before the hike.

Can you believe it? I jumped from a 20 foot rock.
After trying to get out of doing it...I finally gave in to jumping.
I didn't want to regret not jumping...so I did it! :)
Oh and the water was FREEZING!
My body went numb the second I hit the water.
Worth it? I think so.


Number Four

Letter number four came today.  I will say I am the happiest girl right now.  I am very impressed that he has written me four times now.  Twice in the last two months.  What a sweetheart.  He also sent me a letter to give the Dahl Kids (kids i babysit).  I cannot wait to give it to them, they will be so happy.  Thanks Blake :)



Today marks the day of Elder Miller's half way mark.  He has now been out one full year.  That means 365 days to go.  Not bad.  This next year is going to fly right on by. 

 I am so proud of him for all the hard work he has put into his mission.  Blake is such a wonderful example to me and many others.  I am very grateful for his willingness to serve our Lord. 

I am looking forward to the day when he comes home from the Philippines.  That day will be one of the happiest days of my life.  I cannot wait to see him.  Thank you Blake. <3


Just a Saturday Afternoon Walk

After temple baptisms Erin and I went on a little Saturday Afternoon walk near the Newport Beach Temple.  We had a lovely time.  We could not go very far because we were in heels, but next time we will wear the appropriate shoes and go to the actual hill to look at the temple.  The hill is one of my very favorite places to go.  I had a wonderful time bonding with my lovely sister. <3


Chocolate Chip Cookies

OH how i love baking cookies.  My mom has the best recipe ever.  I love to eat the dough.  And I especially love the outcome.  And all you need is: shortening, margarine, brown and white sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, soda, and salt.  It's as easy as 1.2.3.  They are probably the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had.  
The Final Result.



A quick shout out to Elder Blake Miller.  

Elder Miller is serving in the Laoag Philippines Mission.  I absolutely love reading his emails and personal letters (when I get them).  I can tell how much he has grown in the past year.  I know he loves the Lord and this gospel with all his heart.  He is such a wonderful example to me and many others.  I thank Elder Miller for everything he does.  HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY ELDER BLAKE MILLER! :)