I took my first trip to Vegas.
Short. And Sweet.
I had the privilege of seeing
Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil.
Such an amazing show.

While in Vegas, Blakes parents got me a wheelchair.
That way I wouldn't have to walk around alot
because of my ankle.
They also got one for grandma too,
so that I didn't have to do it all alone.

Vegas is great!!
I'd love to go back for a little longer of a trip.

{The love of my life.}
{Wheelchair buddies.}
{Love them all.}
{Isn't he so handsome?}
{Brotherly love.}
{I'm the serious one. While he is the goofy one.
Okay, not always.}

Stay happy.
Until next time...


Gimpy is in the house!!

Oh no worries everyone!!
I just have a sprained ankle.
Let me just inform you on how this happened.
Wednesday, I went to school.
It was just a normal day.
Walking down the stairs to class.
And what happens?
I lose my footing on the last two steps.
Usually when this happens...I am totally fine.
But, this time it totally did it.
So I go throughout the day thinking I was going to be totally fine.
Thinking oh its probably only a twist.
And then it started to get REALLY bad that night.
I went to the doctor on Thursday morning
and the doctor came to the conclusion that I have a high ankle sprain.
(Apparently, this is worse than a low ankle sprain.)
I go back in a few weeks to find out if the xray shows a fracture
or if its just the way my bone is shaped.
The doctor put me in a boot and gave me crutches.
My reaction was priceless when I was told to wear a boot.
One of those face like:
"Are you kidding me? This is the worst news right now.

I am not able to work at one job.
I am still able to work at one.
I guess it is nice to have a little break,
but hopefully I will be back soon!
It is killing me not being able to
do all the thing that I need to do.

I am so grateful for everyone that is helping me out with this injury.
Whether it be giving me company, giving me rides, bringing me food, etc.
I really appreciate everyones love and help.

I am learning lots of things from this injury.
This is a blessing in my life.
And I am grateful for it.




My weekend went a little bit different than I had expected.
Friday was the same and half of Saturday.
But there was a slight change to Saturday and Sunday.
Let me inform you how this all went.
It is good. One of those "Ahhhhh!" moments.

The past three years, Blake and I have not
been able to spend my birthday (or his) together.
All I wanted was to spend mine with him this year.
And when I told him that he said:
"I'll see what I can do."
I mentioned it a second time and he said:
"I don't know if it is going to work out.
But, we will be able to spend a lot more together."
So, I kept wishing he could come up here,
or that I could come home to see him and my family.
I knew it wasn't going to happen, so I gave up.

On Saturday morning, I woke up at about 8:30,
and texted Blake "Goodmorning."
He responded about an hour later.
He told me that he was working.
I found it odd that he was working on a Saturday,
but he said he is going in to work when he can on Saturdays.
He told me he would be working until about 2 or 3,
and I told him I would call him after I got off at 5.
So, this whole time I am thinking he is at work back in California.
After work, I called him.
Oh!! I just love talking to him. He makes me so happy.
Anyways, he asked me what my plans were for the rest of the night.
And for about the third time that week, I told him I was going to dinner with Jenny.
(Or JEN---that is for you mom.)
On my drive home he asked me where I was at.
And in my head I was thinking why do you need to know that?
It's not like you are here.
So, I told him when I parked.
I walked up my stairs, still talking to him.
There was an envelope with a card inside, just sitting outside my door.
I picked it up wondering who it was from.
I opened my door, and what do you know....
watching some Harry Potter.
I stood outside my door all confused/surprised/happy.
I was shaking.
I think I said something like:
I couldn't believe it.
I felt like I was in a dream.
A really good dream.
(I wish I could come home to him sitting on my couch EVERYDAY.)

After the huge surprise...
Blake took me to the Spaghetti Factory.
I love that place.
He knew I had been dying to sit in the trolly and have dinner.
So what did he do?
He asked to sit in the trolly.
After dinner we came back to my place and just relaxed.
It was so nice.
We tried to watch The Counte of Monte Cristo,
but my DVD player decides that it wants to be broken.
So we watched the Harry Potter movies on ABC Family.

On Sunday, we went to church,
and then went on a drive through the Provo Canyon.
We stopped off at a trail, and went for a walk.
But, instead of taking the trail,
we walked on the railroad tracks.
(Yeah, risky. I know.)
Then, it was time for dinner at Heidi & Stevens.
Mango Chicken Salsa.
Red Potatoes.
OH! It was so delicious.
(Thanks Heidi & Steven.)

After such a great weekend,
today was the day Blake had to leave AGAIN!
(This is the third time in the past like month.
Please no more Blake.
Okay, I guess one more in like 2 weeks.)
We relaxed and watched some Family Feud
and Batman for a couple of hours before he had to go.
It is still hard to say goodbye to him.

Some pictures from our drive through the canyon:
{Isn't he just so good looking?}
{I was told to stand by these huge&pretty flowers.}
{Ahhh, I love him.}
{"It's my birthday!!"}
{Just a fake jump, no worries.
I would never ever let him do that.}
I am THE luckiest girl.
I have such a wonderful boyfriend.
One who loves me enough to drive 10 hours
to spend my birthday with me.
He made me the happiest girl ever.
Thank you so much, B.
I love you.


Let the fun begin...

Time for the birthday festivities to roll on in.
Let it all begin!
Yes...most of the time my birthday lasts more than just the one day.
I try to get it to last as long as I can.
(Dana always reminds me that it only lasts the one day.
Little does she know, that it certainly does not.)

- Breakfast at Mimi's Cafe with Heidi and Steven
- Clean my apartment
(a little gift to myself and my roommate.)
- Shopping with Brittany
- Grocery Shopping with Jenny
- Work...not excited.

- Work...blah.
- Dinner and Color Me Mine with Jenny

21 baby.
- Church
(no better way to spend a birthday.)
- Dinner at Heidi & Stevens
(Maybe some Mango Chicken Salsa....yummmm!!)

This will be a fun birthday weekend.

And then when Heidi, Steven, & I go home in 12 days,
we are going to dinner with all of the family.
Steven's birthday is on the 18th, so we will celebrate
for both of our birthdays.
I can hardly wait!!

{This is from my 18th birthday...3 years ago
Boy, time flies.}
{P.S. Remember when my hair was this length,
before i cut it?
Yeah...I miss it.
It's growing though!!}

Let the birthday festivities begin!!



A vacation is much needed over here.
My 7 am class is killing me.
It is just WAY too early.
Also, I am working A TON!!
Which is good because I will be in CA for 2 weeks in August,
and NOT working.
I worked a total of about 35 hours last week.
(24 at just ONE place.)
But, I shouldn't complain.
I am so grateful for my jobs.
Anyway....with life being so busy--
I am so excited for a vacation!!
Heidi, Steven, and I will be traveling to
California in two weeks.
I will have Wednesday night and Thursday
to spend with family and friends.
And then Friday I will be driving to Vegas
with Blake and his family.
We will see a show there and stay the night.
And then drive the rest of the way to Utah.
I am so excited for the following:
- the beach
- see my family
- see Blake
- hang out with friends
- my first time to VEGAS baby!!
This is going to be such a great fun short trip.
Only 2 weeks!!!!
Time needs to speed up a bit, PLEASE.

Have a terrific Wednesday <3

We Kissed On The Lips...

Blake showed me this video a little bit ago.
Please watch.
It is so adorable.


HAPPY 4th!!

Hope you have a fabulous 4th of July.
I wish I could be in California with all of my family.
Instead, I worked 6 hours this morning.
But, Heidi and Steven invited me to lunch at Cafe Paesan.
And I may have to go back into work if its really busy.
What a day. It is still GREAT though.

Have a FABULOUS day!! :)