To: My dear sister.

Todays blog is about my lovely sister HEIDI MARIE.
Seacliff Canoe Trip '09.
{Heidi came down from Utah just to go on the trip.
What a great time we had together for those 2 days.}
Grandma bought us all TOMS shoes.
Seeing UP in 3D with my sisters.
Photo Shoot at Grandmas.
Family Utah Trip April '09 to visit Heidi.
OCMCO Concert.
Spaghetti Factory.
{Erin is usually the one to fall asleep in pictures,
so the time we are asleep she is awake.}
Purple shirts.
I cannot wait for Heidi to come home tomorrow! This is going to be a fabulous week.
1. New Cell phones
2. Christmas Carol in 3D
3. Bike Ride
4. Ruby's on the pier
5. Thanksgiving dinner
6. and so so so much more.
Love you Heidi. <3


No words...

My new adorable shoes.
I am in love with them.
I stood in the store for 10 minutes debating if I should try them on.
And then stood there another 15 minutes wearing them debating if I should buy them.
It was final when I swiped my debit card.
Mistake? Definitely not.
I am in love with them.
(Heidi do you love them?)


Career Change?....I think not.

I don't know what it was, but on Saturday many girls wanted me to do their make-up and hair for the show.
It all started with Kenna asking me to do her make up and hair because her mom wouldnt be in the room, and then Hannah asked me to do her hair also. I loved that they asked me.
All of a sudden it turns into six girls coming up and asking me to do their make up next when I was done with Kenna.
Who knew I would be doing hair and make up on little girls.
What's next....career change? Open my own "Club Libby Lu"? No thank you. I will pass

Above: Kenna's make up
Below: Hannah's hair in process.
By yours truly :)

More pictures and posts about the show to come...


Show Time.

After 2 months of practice it is that time to show everyone what we have been doing. This show is going to be so good. We are doing songs from Enchanted, Les Mis, Oliver, Mama Mia, and many more. Shows are this thursday, friday, saturday, and also the following thursday friday and saturday (11/5,6,7,12,13,14). You won't want to miss this. Come see a great show! :)