Buckman Kendrick.

Today I dedicate my blog to...
The best dog ever.
The past weekend was hard.
After Buckmans last surgery he started to go downhill.
And over the past week he didn't want to eat or drink.
We would have to stand/sit right by him to get him to put food or water down him.
He started getting even more lazy.
We started to get really worried.
Over this past weekend things got worse.
Buckman didn't move much.
We would have to force him up to go to the bathroom.
If he ate or drank too much then he would throw it up.
He was struggling to breathe.
His breathing got really heavy.
Mom took him into the vet on Friday to get some bloodwork done.
They told us they didn't see anything.
The entire weekend Bucky kept going downhill.
We were hoping for a miracle and that we would wake up one morning with him being fine.
But...we never got that.
We decided that since he was in pain and struggling it would be best to take him in and put him to sleep.
This was the hardest thing.
Buckman had become part of our family.
So in honor of Buckman...
here are some memories.
He always loved to sleep.
He loved how we threw him a party for his 9th birthday.
He loved his summer shaves.
Isn't he so handsome?
He loved hanging out with the girls.
He just loved pinky....
and mut.
(yes we named them)
He loved walks at the beach.

He loved when people pet him.

He loved to cuddle.

He loved to hold his ball in his mouth and not do anything with it.

He loved opening presents.

He loved milkbone time.

He loved going on walks...
and stopping at the end of the street.

He loved greeting people when they came to the door.
(aka barking at them)

He loved when we would finally come home after a long day or vacation.

He loved family prayer time.

And those "byebye" trips in the car with mom.
He loved them.
He was always so excited to be able to run errands with mom.

And he loved his family.

We love you Bucky.
You will be missed.


Mary Had A Little Lamb

The funniest thing happened to me today.
I think it is somewhat embarrassing though.
So on Thursdays I go to teach piano in The Bluffs (Seacliff area)
It is a gated community.
The workers see me so much that all I have to do is
flash my pass to get in.
But, there is a new worker there, so he stops me.
A couple weeks ago he told me that he was laid off
from his old job and is now working the gate.
Today he stopped me once again.
Here is how our conversation went...
(we will call him Jim
who is probably about in his 50's)

Jim: "Emily, are you on the Masons permanent guest list?"
Me: "I think so."
Jim: "Okay just let me check really quick....
OH! You are the piano teacher!"
Me: "Yes I am!" (smiling)
Jim comes over and starts singing some random notes/scales.
Jim: (singing) "This is an E flat. Right?"
Me: "Yeah that sounds good. I don't have perfect pitch."
Jim: "Some people say I am pretty close to it."
Me: "That's neat. I'd love to have perfect pitch."
Jim: "Do you sing?"
Me: "Yes I do." (mistake)
Jim: "Good. Sing a song for me!"
Me: "Oh goodness. I'd rather not."
He kept pressuring me to sing.
And wouldn't let it go.
I was laughing and getting embarrassed.
Jim: "If you sing I will let you in."
Me: "You will let me in if I sing for you?"
Jim: "Yes! But...you can't tell anyone I held you hostage."
Me: "Are you serious? I'd rather not sing."
Jim: "Oh come on. It's not that bad.
Just sing like Mary Had a Little Lamb.
It will make my night"
Me: "Fine. I'll do it."
(I'm probably blushing really bad by this point.)
Me: "I'm not that good just to let you know."
Jim: "Thats alright. It will be fun.
I'll harmonize with you.
Ready? GO!"
He started to give me different notes I should start on.
That was pretty funny.
Low. High. All over.
So I start singing Mary Had A Little Lamb
(on the note I wanted to start on).
Mary Had a Little Lamb
(Jim starts to harmonize)
Little Lamb
Little Lamb.
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Her fleece was white as snow.
I started to laugh after.
Jim: "Good job! That was cool.
Pound it!"
Me: "Oh thanks!"
He finally opens the gate for me.
As I am driving through he yells...

OH my gooness!! That was hilarious.
I told my piano students and they just laughed at me
and they told me that I shouldn't have told him I sing.

And of course, pictures.
I love this picture of little Luke.
We were ready for church and
I thought he looked so handsome.
How adorable is this...?
The kids made boats out of water bottles and wanted to race them.
Damon was so kind enough to make me mine.
Thanks Damon.
Until next time...
Have a fabulous week :)


Not 1. Not 2. Not even 3. But FOUR birthdays...

A couple weeks ago the Dahls (quads) had their 9th Birthday.
For the past couple of years it has been
tradition to take them out to celebrate.
7th birthday: Disneyland
8th birthday: Yo Yum Yum (frozen yogurt)
And this year....
We drove down to Mission Viejo and went to...
Farrell's- Ice Cream Parlour.
They always love doing the goofy faces.
When they sing happy birthday to you
they make you stand on your chair.
Their songs are so original and awesome.
We had such a fun time with the kids.




Conference. Target. Home.

The last two days of our Utah Trip were probably the best.
Saturday we woke up early and went to Conference.
It was chilly when we first left.
But it was burning hot out when we arrived in Salt Lake City.
Conference was so good.
After both sessions of conference on Saturday,
Dana, Claire, and I took a trip to Target.
Our favorite store.
We picked up some snacks for our ride home.
We might have gone a little crazy.
Gold Fish.
Oreo- Mint Fudge Cremes.
Pretzel M&Ms.
Oh and we might have had a little photoshoot in the store too.
Saturday night we went to Gurus for dinner.
And then just had a nice relaxing night at Heidis place.

Then Sunday came....the day to leave.
What a sad moment.
But, the ride home was fun.
(Well after the first hour it was.
After I got my first speeding ticket.)
Heres a little video that Claire took on our way home.
One of the many
And here is a video of Dana cleaning the window
with some great classical music going.
Love this.

Utah...I'll see you in 3 months :)


A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Today I was expecting a crazy day.
But...it wasn't too bad.
Claire and I went to UVU to talk to the transfer center.
They told me that I could do everything I needed online.
Then we went to the mall to waste some time.
And did a little of this...
After the mall we stopped off at Sonic for lunch
then continued on our way to Heidi's classroom.
Before school ended Heidi let the kids ask us girls questions.
Some of them were...
- What is your favorite ride at Disneyland?
- What is your favorite amusement park?
- What is your favorite sea animal?
- What is your favorite animal?
- What is your favorite craft?
- Do you like chocolate or vanilla more?
Those kids are just hilarious.
Love them.
After, we helped Heidi set up her classroom for next week
Heidi cleaned James Danger (her turtles) cage.
James likes to try to escape his little cage when he is put in there.
Here is a little video of him trying to escape.
(Heidi loves the part where his legs go crazy)

After Heidi's classroom we came home to make cabbage salad.
Claire and I left to meet up with a friend.
On the way home Heidi and Dana told us that they werent home
So we were going to be locked out.
We decided to hit up Krispy Kreme.
This trip is HORRIBLE.
I have probably gained liked 10 pounds.
I will need to start exercising now. haha
But...the donuts were so good.
I will admit that.
Now we are sitting around in Heidi's apartment
with a bunch of her friends.
Having a nice relaxing time.

We have to wake up early for conference tomorrow.
We get to go to the Saturday morning session.
I am very excited about it.

Until next time....