Its OVER!!

After 6 weeks of class,
3 days a week,
and for 6 hours each day..
I made it through!!
My summer is just beginning.
And I only have one month of it...
BUT i will make the best of it.
I'm so ready to not feel stressed and always busy.
Too bad that will only last for about a month.
I'll take what I can get.
Anyways...to celebrate the last day of class
John and I had one last photoshoot.
Here are the pictures...

Have a fabulous weekend :)


Nothing Like a Weekend on the River.

This past weekend I went to the Colorado River with my family.
It was so beautiful there,
but very very HOT!
Lets just say about 110 during the day and 90's at night.
It's too hot to be outside if you aren't in the water,
but then it gets cold in the house after a while.
So basically I was going from being inside to outside the whole time.
Now for some pictures...

Heidi was able to meet us there :)
Sisters reunited.
I went wake-boarding for the second time ever.
Dana and I on the boat.
Yes, this shot is blurry...
but it looks kinda cool.
We went on golf cart rides.
And found stuff people dumped.
We went tubing.
And got thrown off.
And almost lost my bottoms.
And we all brought our white macbooks

Such a fun trip with my family.

Have a great week :)


Looking towards the Future...

Today is my Golden 100th post!!
Yay!...I made it :)
Today's post will be about the things that I am looking forward to most in the future

1. Dance at Wild Rivers tonight.
It's going to be a big YSA dance.
I haven't been to a dance in a LONG time,
so I am excited about this.
I need to get my grooove on :)

2. 5 days until the river.
My family and I are driving to the colorado river on thursday evening
That means 2 days of soaking up the sun, relaxing, and playing.
I am stoked for that.
{plus, we get to see Heidi}

3. Only 2 more weeks until biology is over.
Phew! I have made it through 4 weeks...
2 will be nothing.
Just gotta push through these 2 weeks.
It can be done. and WILL be done.

4. BEACH days are coming my way.
Since school will be over in 2 weeks...
the beach will see much of me (i hope)
August is the month for me to relax and go to the beach and have fun with friends,
since I can't do that all that much now.

5. Last semester at Golden West.
This fall will be my final semester.
I will graduate and move on with my AA.
I am excited :)

6. Moving to Utah.
The plan is to move to Utah in 6 months,
and go to UVU!
Where I will enter the Elementary Education program.
Crazy to think I am going to be leaving home.
{see you soon Heidi}

7. More massages.
For my birthday, Claire and Veronica took me to get a massage.
Since we enjoyed it so much,
we are going to go for Veronica's birthday at the end of August.
I am looking forward to that so much.

8. Blake coming home!!
He will be coming home in 2 months (sept. 16).
These two years have flown by (for the most part).
I am excited to see him <3

Have a rockin' weekend!! :)
( i know i will)


Oh the joys of Bio...

Today was bio test #2.
After the test John and I were hanging out in front of the institute building.
I stood on one of the light poles...
and we decided to have a little photoshoot.
Just a little after the test fun.
Enjoy these pictures...

Have a great weekend :)


Dear Spiders...

Dear Spiders,
Last night when I was preparing to go to bed,
I was not very happy to see you on my wall, nightstand, and towel.
Trust me, I don't like killing you...
BUT if you stayed out of my room we would not have a problem at all.
So to future spiders...don't come in my room.
Thanks, it is greatly appreciated :)


P.S. Oh and if you could stay out of my bathroom and shower...
that would be also appreciated. Thanks