Spreading the Love.

This past weekend has been a bit stressful.
I have been studying for finals.
And I am now being a nanny for 5 wonderful kids.
I always love hearing and getting little things
from kids, family, and friends.

(Sometimes when I go to my car to leave the institute
I have a little note from Claire waiting for me on my windshield.
Love getting those. And I will miss getting them.)

Yesterday after teaching piano, my student Lauren
told me she is going to draw me a picture and that I cannot watch.
When she shows me what she drew it was this....
Isn't that adorable?

Have a great day!! :)


20 down...4 to go.

Elder Blake Miller has now been out 20 months.
It is crazy how fast time has gone.
Only 4 more months to go.

{Blake and one of his old companions}
Look at these beautiful scenery pictures of the Philippines.
{Blake and some members doing service}
Let time {continue to} fly...


I've been MIA

I have been MIA the past couple of weeks.
Things have been getting crazy.
School is coming to and end.
I just finished a paper that is due tomorrow.
I have 3 finals next week.
I have been busy doing homework and studying.

I needed a little break on Monday
while doing some psychology.
So I decided to do some photobooth fun.
Last night I went bowling in Irvine with a bunch of friends.
We had so much fun.
Here were the scores for game one.
I scored a 97...second place baby!
Here is a goodie but oldie.
Back in 2005...
Heidi, Jenna, Angie, & I had a little photoshoot.
Angie was the wicked stepmother.
Jenna was the fairy godmother.
I was the "before" cinderella.
Heidi was the "after" cinderella.
Such good, funny, and embarrassing times.

Have a super de duper week. :)