true story.

Pinterest has saved my life with wedding planning.
Why must it be SO addicting?



To start off-
My roommate (Emily) likes to make fun of me
because I always have countdowns.
And a lot of the time I start them way in advance
because I get so excited.
But, do you blame me?

5 days 'til St. George.
Family Vacation with Blakes Family.
3 day trip.

13 days 'til HOME!!
Not quite a vacation though.
The 8 days I am there will be filled with Wedding planning.
And a bridal shower.
So excited!!
(But this time....Blake isn't coming. SAD.)

4 weeks until I do my field experience.
In 6th grade. (kind scared)

{One week 'til a slumber party with my roommate (Emily).
She is super excited!}

And.....drum roll please!!
3 months 'til I marry the love of my life!!
I love him.


Pinched Nerves

On Tuesday I started to have some pains in my toes.
It felt like I stepped on a piece of glass and it was inside of me.
I couldn't see anything.
But every step I took it hurt.
Anytime I touched my toes or wiggled them it hurt.
It was so odd.
I thought--a miracle will happen and I will wake up tomorrow and be totally fine.
But, nope! That didn't happen.
On Wednesday I was still in pain and ended up using crutches to get around.
I saw a podiatrist on Thursday.
And that's when I found out that I have pinched nerves in my toes.
This picture shows where it happens.
(except mine is between the 1st and 2nd toes,
and the 2nd and 3rd toes.)
I pray that the medicine will help and that I will be good again.


Sneak Peak.

Here is a small sneak peak at our engagement photo session with Blake's Aunt.

Thanks Regina!!


Love for a Sloth

If you have not watched this video yet....please do.

Now watch this one. It's the auto tuned version.


That's right people!!
Blake and I are down to double digits.
{Only} 99 days until we get married!
Time is starting to fly by.
But, at times it does feel like time has stopped.
We are right on track with planning.
I cannot wait for the next 99 days to pass right on by,
so i can finally marry my best friend!!

Be Mine.

What a Valentine's Day.
It started off uneventful.
I still had 3 hours of school and then
a couple hours of homework to do.
I then ran a couple of errands so I could
do a little bit of decorating for my sweetheart.

Blake and I had a relaxing night.
We made Chicken Pillows
(one of his favorite meals, and now mine)
with some green beans.
It was all so delicious.
We ended our night watching the movie Airplane.

It was great being able to have a relaxing night with Blake.
I love him.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!


Small and Simple.

Over the weekend I became very stressed.
With Work, School, and Wedding Planning.
I felt as if I were falling behind in all three.
But, I was looking at the grand scheme of things
Instead of the day-to-day view.
(Don't we all do this?)
Blake was so kind to give me a blessing to help me feel less stressed.
He is so amazing and good to me.
And then today, my teacher let us out almost two hours early!!
This was a huge blessing for today because of everything I have to do.

Blake and I are traveling home on Friday for a friends wedding.
But, before that there is MUCH to do.
I work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
School Monday-Friday.
and many assignments to finish.

The good news is, I can turn to my Heavenly Father
whenever I need help.
He is there and will always listen to us.
I have already felt a huge relief from all this stress.

P.S. Getting closer to being Mrs. Miller.
109 days!!