Its Just Who I Am.

Its official.
I finally changed the title of my blog.
I had the title as "In progress" because I was thinking of one.
And yes...i know it took me almost a year.
But, I finally came up with it
when I was just looking through pictures
and old blog posts.
Why this title?
Well, the following reasons will explain...

I am...

Someone who loves her family,
someone who is grateful for her parents,
someone who has beautiful sisters,
someone who loves sweets,
someone who loves and misses her best friend,
someone who enjoys sunsets with friends,
someone who adores her grandmother,
someone who could NEVER turn away pasta,
(especially my moms, Stonefire, and Spaghetti Factory)
someone who enjoys a nice time on the beach,
someone who loves the temple,
someone who likes fun times with friends,
someone who goofs off with kids,
someone who cherishes the gospel,
someone who is grateful for her education,
someone who likes to watch movies,
someone who enjoys baking (most of the time),
someone who likes to shop (although I am cutting down),
someone who enjoys driving/drives,
someone who loves music,
and someone who makes memories.

This, of course, is not all of who I am.
This is only some.
Stay tuned for more another time.

Have a great rest of the week.


Music Update

I was looking through some older posts today,
and I decided I would update my music list.
Today I will list what I have been recently been listening to
I recently bought albums from:
Zee Avi,
The Bird & The Bee,
Lady Antebellum,
& Michael Buble.

Here are my recent top 10 songs.
(Yes most of them are from the artists listed above.
I do love other songs, but this is just recent)

1. HELLO WORLD- Lady Antebellum
2. MY LOVE- The Bird & The Bee
3. YOU LOST ME- Christina Aguilera
4. COOLER THAN ME- Mike Posner
5. KANTOI- Zee Avi
7. WHEN YOU GOT A GOOD THING- Lady Antebellum
9. POLITE DANCE SONG- The Bird & The Bee
10. ALL I DO IS DREAM OF YOU- Michael Buble

Thank you to my sisters for introducing me to some of these new artists.
I love learning about new music.

Have a marvelous monday :)
P&B. xoxo.



Dear Time,
I would really appreciate it if you could speed up time,
But just for a short while.
6 hours in biology for one day is crazy.
I think I have ADD- so I can't sit very long and listen.
5 more weeks of this...YIKES!
14 days 'til my 20th birthday.
Claire & I are getting massages for my birthday.
I have been waiting a very long time for this.
I just want that massage.
2 1/2 months until Blake comes home.
2 years is a long time...
Could you make 2 1/2 months go a little faster? please.
Only 6 months until I move to Utah.
I am excited for the change.
So time...for all these reasons, please go a little faster.
Lets just finish up this year and bring on 2011.
Thanks. It is greatly appreciated.



Oldies but still Goodies.

I am just a wee bit bored.
I am waiting to go BOWLING with sara and claire.
(Dana you are missed.)
I thought I would blog some of my fav pics.
I have WAY too many to choose from...
so there may be another blog with more.
It's just so hard to choose.
I love my family and friends :)

(Peace. Love. Friends.)
(Love this girl.)
(4th of July at grams.
I miss him.
(Just one of those random sleepover nights.
Maybe a little too much fun...?)
(The night Joe and Steve gave us girls our Lakers jerseys.
Thanks boys.)
(Rocket Summer Concert with Tiara and Claire.)
(One of many family vacations.)
(Oh just one of those crazy photo seshs with Hilary on the bus.)
(Camping. We all ended up wearing our purple v-neck GAP shirts.)
(My family. And our family face. I love them.)

Take care :)

Lovely Weather

Dear Weather,
Thank you for being so beautiful out recently.
But, I am a little upset.
Why do you have to have the sun shine when I am in class?
It would be nice of you to save the sunshine for...
Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and of course Sundays.
Its days like these that I want to go to the beach.
And I cannot.
Please be nice and share the sunshine on the days I dont have class.

Dear Beach,
Thank you for this wonderful invite.
Unfortunately, I must decline the offer.
I have class today.
I would love to come lay on your nice warm sand.
And dip my feet in the cool water.
And listen to the waves crash on the shore.
And get a gorgeous tan.
If you can work something out with the weather that would be great.
If you do, I promise I will take you up on the offer tomorrow and Saturday.
See you soon :)


Brutal Biology

Today was the start of Biology.
6 weeks.
3 days a week.
6 hour each day. (3 hour lab&3 hour lecture)
Thats a total of 18 hours a week.
Professors expect each student to spend 2-3 hours of studying for every 1 hour spent in class.
That means each night I would have to do around 6-9 hours of studying each night. YIKES!
Each night I have to make an outline of the next days lab. And the professor wants it to be as easy as possible. She said "NO complete sentences. Use words from the lab (don't put it in your own words). No details."
Outlines shouldn't be too hard.
I am going to work hard for this class.
Its going to be an intense 6 weeks.
And its going to go by fast....well it better.
I have other more exciting things to look forward to...

Oh also, Sara Spirk and I went on a lovely little walk up to one of my favorite spots.
The hill across from the Newport Beach Temple.
Blake and I went up there a couple times together...and it quickly became one of our favorite spots to go to together.
So when we were up there....I told her many stories. (What else did ya think?)
(WARNING: If you don't' want to hear the stories...don't go up there with me.)
Oh and of course we took some pictures...

Thats it.
Have a great week :)


Just Because...I LOVE IT!!

Dana sent me this today.
I just love it so much.
I love my LAKERS...
and I also love the movie Mean Girls.
If you haven't seen it or don't remember this part of the movie...
Thank you Dana!!
I laughed so hard...and I still am laughing.

Have a fab weekend :)



Tonight has been a great night.
I made some delicious oreo truffles for my friends.
And we watched the LAKERS game.
The truffles were so tasty.
{Got my jersey on!!}
Yeah thats right!!
But we all knew they would win.

Lets Go Lakers.

Todays blog is dedicated to my home boys...
Tonight is game 7.
The Lakers and Celtics are tied at 3-3 right now.
Who ever wins tonight wins it all.
And lets just face it...
LAKERS have it in the bag.
We are def going to win this one.
{GL=Good Luck}


3 months to go...

Today marks the day that Elder Miller has 3 months left.
It is crazy how fast time it starting to go by.
I am told its only going to go quicker now.
I cannot wait to see him!

{Dinner with Elder and Sister Teh (Quorum of the Seventy),
Brother and Sister Odgers, and Elder Bates (companion)}
{One of the recent baptisms}
{Heritage Street in Vigan}

Last night I had a dream that he was home...
And it wasn't fun waking up to know he wasn't really here.
I finished writing a letter to him and mailed it at about 10 am.
Then my mom came in my room at noon to give me a letter from him.
This happened with the last letter he sent also.
Maybe I should send more letters? haha
I made a questionnaire for him to fill out and he actually do it.
I loved reading all of his answers.

I can tell how much he has grown from his mission.
He is such a wonderful example.
Thank you Elder Miller.
I'll see you before long. <3


I know I know...once again I have been MIA.
Please excuse my absence.
Here is what has been going on in the past couple weeks...

I finished my 4th semester at Golden West College.
I have one full semester left before I transfer.
I will be transferring with my AA!

Erin graduated from CSULB.
Dana and I had our piano recital.
Our students did so fabulous.
We are so proud of them.
This recital was my second to last one.
December will be my last one teaching her in california.
I am really sad because I love all my students.
They all have a special place in my heart.
I took a trip up to Utah this past weekend with my parents.
While we were there we met with a counselor at UVU.
It's official...(well after I apply) I will be going to UVU.
The counselor put so much in perspective for me
And made me feel at ease about moving and transferring.
I am really stoked.
I will be moving in December/January to start school
And I will be in the Elementary Education program Fall 2011.
It's so crazy to think this is all REALLY happening.
OH! And I am going to be a wolverine....yeah, whats up!?
We really went up to watch Heidi run her first marathon.
She ran the Utah Valley Marathon.
She did such a good job!!
Heidi ran the 26.2 miles in!

We also did a little bit of shopping.
We all ended up getting the same shirt.
Cute? or Embarrassing?
Starting next week I will be take a biology class.
6 weeks.
3 days each week.
6 hours each day.
Thats 18 hours a week.
For a total of....108 hours in 6 weeks.
But i needs to be done to transfer.

I think thats about it for the update.
Have a fabulous week!!
(thats peace & love)