Since I am leaving for Utah soon...
Milla and Maelen threw a going away party for me.
Chocolate Fountain.
Wii-Just Dance.
Ping Pong.
DJ & Dancing.
Indoor Soccer.
Oreo Truffles.
Such a fun night!
I am so happy I could see a lot of my friends before I leave.
I am going to miss everyone.
Here are pictures from the party...
{Yeah...Santa came.}
{I wanna hold your hand.}
{And maybe Batman, Robin, and a cowboy came, too}
{I love my sisters.}
{Signature pose with these girls.}
{Thats Randy, he's a stud.}
{Cool kid, Mike.}
{I love these kids. Our crazy group.}
{West Coast.}
{This is my boyfriend, Donovon <3}
{This is my crazy dance partner, Maelen}
{This is Cody...he writes really good songs-on the spot.}
{I got went from the rain and wasn't happy about it.}
These girls are THE BEST!
Thanks for throwing me a party.
I have the best friends ever.
I'll miss you girls.
I love you.

9 days until I become a "Utard."

Until next time,
have a Very Merry Christmas.


Moment to Remember.

This past monday was a moment to remember.
After teaching for about 4 1/2 years,
I put on my last piano recital.
I am so proud of all of my students.
They all worked so hard over the years I have taught them.
I am so sad to be leaving them.
I wish I could take all of them with me.
I will miss them all so much.
I love them.
{Here are all of my students.
Minus 3 of them.}

Only twenty-two days til I move.
This is crazy and happening so fast.
1 more week of school to finish.
1 paper to write.
3 tests to study for.
I can do this.
Almost graduation time :)

And two of my favorite pictures.
{Luke dressed up as a frog.}
{This is Donovon <3}

Peace and love.



I am a huge slacker.

Being so busy these days hasn't left me much time to blog.

But, I thought I probably give a little update on my life.

1. School is crazy.

There are only 9 more school days left.

So finals are coming up quick.

2. I went to disneyland....

for maybe one of the last times in a while.

Emilie, Cody, Donovon, and I had a fabulous fun night.

It wasn't too crowded because it rained earlier in the day.

3. I threw a party for Maelens 18th birthday with Milla.

We had it at the church.

Played indoor soccer.

Had music playing.

Danced the night away.

Played wii/just dance.

Ate yummy desserts.

It was a definite fun night.

4. Things I am grateful for.

Since I missed my thanksgiving blog...

here are some things I am grateful for.

1. Family

2. The Gosepl

3. Friends

4. Education

5. My Testimony

6. My home

7. Daily meals

8. My way of transportation

9. My job

And so much more.

5. Moving soon.

I move in 30 days!!

Its insane how fast it has come up.

It is so close.

I am super excited!!

See you soon Heidi :)

6. Piano Recital.

Its that time of year again.

And this time...its the last time.

I am putting on my very last piano recital.

Many of my students ask if I have to move and if I can just stay here.

I tell them that I have to go.

And they get all sad...so that makes me so incredibly sad.

Monday will be a night that breaks my heart.

I love all of my students so much and I will miss them all.

7. Other than school…

I am having fun with friends.

There is only so much time that I have left with my friends here.

Gotta live it up!!

Well...thats about it for now.

Until next time....have a fabulous week.



It is official!!
I am going to be a WOLVERINE!!
I found out today that I was accepted to UVU!!
I am so very excited.
Things are really starting to roll now.
I will be able to be up there with Heidi and other friends.
Watch out UVU and Provo....I'm coming soon.
I will be moving as of January 1st.

Wacky Weekend.

For the first time this semester
I spent Thursday-Sunday hanging out with my friend.
(other than Octobers Utah trip)
I usually limit myself one, maybe two, nights with my friends.
I guess I was just a little deprived?
I had so much fun this weekend.

I saw Inception for the first time.
I definitely need to see it a second, maybe third time.
Like always, I started to doze off a little bit.
My eyelids were super heavy.
Plus, I don't do well watching movies past like 9.
And this movie started at like 10:15.
So maybe next time I will watch it in the afternoon/early evening.

Stonefire with Claire to plan Relief Society activities.
Then a mini dance party with Claire in preparation for the "Sock Hop".
We were totally pumped and ready to go when it came time for the dance.
I forgot how much of a good time I have when I go to the dances.
There is nothing like going absolutely crazy and letting loose.

GAP with my sisters (we missed you Heidi).
It was 40% off, so we HAD to go.
I bought myself a black pair of jeans.
Ever since my Martin&Osa ones ripped in the knee 2 years ago,
I have been searching for a good black pair.
AND i finally found them!!
Dana, Sara, and I had a photoshoot in the afternoon.
We went to a neat spot in Newport
(kinda by Fashion Island)
(pictures to come).
My parents decided to go to Stonefire for dinner,
and they took me along with them.
I love that they keep taking me out to dinner with them,
because there won't be many more times of it when I move.
And I guess sometimes it pays off for staying at home.
Later that night I went down to the beach with some friends
and then to a friends house for games and a hang out.
I finally got to play the Great Dalmuti again.

Fabulous day at church
(minus the headache and cough I had all day)
In Relief Society we had a lesson on being Grateful.
So since it is the month of November,
and Thanksgiving is coming up,
I will be blogging about the various things I am grateful for.
Stay tuned.
I love fast sundays because it is tradition that my family
has the sisters over for "breakfast for dinner".
After that, I studied for my history test.
And then finished the weekend off with a get together at a friends.
A movie was put on and about 20 minutes into it
Claire, Maelen, Romnila, and I went into another room to chat.
We couldn't take being quiet in the movie room.

Fun weekend.
I am grateful for my friends.
I love them.

Sweet and Sassy.
Signature butt pose.
Always have to have it.
OH and its this girls (Maelens) 18th birthday on Wednesday.
We are so excited!!
Party time.

Peace out.