Two Jobs can be stressful

Working two jobs has its ups and its downs.
I still feel so blessed to have been able to find two jobs in a week.
Its amazing how things work out sometimes.

A downfall about having two jobs is having to coordinate scheduling.
This week, I have been scheduled to work on Saturday night....
at BOTH places.
Same exact times. 7-11.
What to do?
I have tried contacting so many people for both jobs.
I am just about stuck.
I am waiting to hear back from one more person at each place.
If this doesn't work out with either of them....
I don't know what I am going to do.
I am stressing about this.
SO SO SO SO much.
I am having NO luck with having someone cover one of my shifts.
Either place.
I don't care.

I guess this is what happens when one boss doesn't pay too close of attention to your schedule.
When specifically told--I cannot work Saturdays.

The pressure is on.
Can I find someone to cover my shift?
Or will I have to talk to one of my bosses?
What ever I have to do....I better get a shift covered.


Warm Weather is Headed our Way.

The weather in Provo has been beautiful this whole week.
I am loving this.
It is perfect.
I have been able to lay out twice this week.
Yesterday, Blake and i laid out at the park for two hours.
We did a bit of studying.
It was perfect.
Crossing my fingers this sunny weather continues.

Peace and Blessings.


I love working at an ice cream/frozen yogurt/custard place.
The other day, a customer asked me:
"So...how are you not 400 pounds?"
Haha....you think I would be with how much I eat.
If you went to a place like this one....
you wouldn't be able to stop eating it either.
16 flavors. Tons of toppings.
Hot Fudge. Hot Caramel.
All types of syrups.
Its so delicious.
Here is a creation that Blake and I made the other day:

Now go treat yourself to some ice cream.

Wedding Bells.

On the way to California last weekend
we saw:
THE Jelly Belly Truck.
And a zebra.
At a gas station petting zoo.
Friday night we had a dinner with both sides of the family.
It was so delicious.
Isn't this precious?
I made a platter that said:
Est. April 9, 2011"
Sisters <3
My two grandmas and Blakes grandma...
Trouble right there, ha.
Love them all.
And I love this guy.

The wedding was beautiful.
Congrats to Erin&Mike.
I love you.

28 days until Heidi&Stevens.


I'm Coming Home...

Yes, this is my third post this morning.
But, I got a little behind and I probably
won't have much time tomorrow to blog.

In approximately 39 hours I will be back home.
Erin&Mike are getting married this weekend.
I am so excited to celebrate this weekend with them!!
I have missed my bestie Maelen.
I love being able to Skype with her.
I am excited to see Grams. <3
And most of all....
excited to see my beautiful family.
I love them. <3
I miss everyone back at home.
Even though this is going to be a short weekend,
I am just grateful to be going home.

Heidi, Steven, Blake, and I will be heading back
to California on Thursday afternoon.
We will arrive around midnight.
Friday will be prep for the wedding.
Then Saturday is the wedding.
What a fabulous day that is going to be.
Steven, Blake, and I will head back to Provo on Sunday morning.
I'll try to remember to take pictures
and blog about the weekend when I get home.

Have a great rest of the week.
I know I will.

Conference. Target. Home.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to watch
General Conference.
I always love being able to relax at home and
listen to the words of the Prophet and Apostles of our church.
I loved the talk by Paul V. Johnson.
One thing I wrote down during his talk was
"I don't always know that blessings are going to come during times of trial or pain--
just be patient and have faith that they will come."
This has been a huge thing for me lately.
With my whole Math Placement test, I was disappointed in myself
for not doing as well as I thought I would do.
But, as my mom and few others pointed out-
there may be a reason for placing where I did.
Maybe I need to take this math before I take College Algebra,
so that I can review a few things and do well in College Algebra.
It's all about having faith in our Heavenly Father.
He knows what he is doing.
We don't always know why things happen or
why they happen when they happen,
but just have faith and know they happen for a reason.

I love Conference weekend so much.
All of the talks were fabulous.
We are so blessed to have a Prophet guide us in this day.
He loves us and wants the best for us.


The Good Times Will Never End.

This past weekend was so wonderful.
A lot of my California friends came up to visit.
Veronica, Claire, Spencer, Alan, Patrick, Zack.
We were all able to spend the day together on Thursday and Friday.
I won't bore you with giving a play-by-play of how the weekend went.
I will say how I loved this weekend.
It was relaxing and fun.
Saturday and Sunday were my favorite days.
I was able spend Saturday evening til Sunday evening with Blake.
We were able to get away and stay at a friends grandparents house.
It felt like a small vacation
(even though we were like 45 minutes away).
It really was just so perfect.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Have a fabulous week!!