Canoe Trip.

This past weekend I went canoeing down the Colorado River. We started at the Hoover Dam and went about twelve miles down the river. We made a few stops to go hiking. We went to many different hot springs, which was very enjoyable. This was by far one of the best trips I have gone on. :)

Question: How many people can you fit in a porter potty?
Answer: nine people.
Sisters <3

Kendrick Rohm Girls
My Girls
I think I was the one with the most canoe partners....
Canoe Partner #1

Canoe Partner #2
Canoe Partner #3
we FINALLY made it :)
The whole seacliff canoe group.


Dancing in the Rain

Last night my friends and I watched What About Bob? and then decided to take the party outside. When we got outside it was raining a little bit. So what is the first thing we decide to do? Of course.....Run a around, dance, and go crazy. It was so much fun. These people are awesome and hilarious. :)
Shane. Me. Claire. Sam. Brett. Veronica. Nolan.