I've Felt....THE HOLY GHOST.

I was so sad to not be able to spend time in my
6th grade classroom this past week.
My three weeks are over.
And now I have one more week of school
THEN finals.

Let me tell you a little story about our last day of teaching the kids.
My partner, Becky, and I planned a lesson on the "Slave Trade".
We thought...."Oh this is going to be a good one!"
We were quite excited to teach it.
It started out by taking the kids right outside to the lawn.
We stood in a circle.
We went around in a circle saying an emotion we have felt before.
If anyone has felt that emotion- you step into the circle.
We wanted the kids to realize that we may all be different,
but we all feel the same things.
Kids were saying some like...
And then we get to one of our kids (who will not be named)-
he had to think of what he wanted to say.
After a long pause of hearing "ummmmm"
he says "I've felt.......THE HOLY GHOST!"
The whole class steps into the circle.
(Good thing everyone in the class was LDS).
But really it was so funny and cute.
It made me so happy to hear that these 11 and 12 years old
have felt the Holy Ghost.

I cannot wait to have my own classroom.
Kids are so cute.
And they really do say the darnest things.
(Remember that show?)

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